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It’s a good week for retro “re-imaginings” – yesterday we showed you a video of what Jurassic World might have looked like if it had been made in the 1970s, and today we’ve got not one but two classic-styled “trailers” for Batman v. Superman!

The first comes to us from YouTuber Paul Cornish, who created took scenes from the 1940s serialized shows of both heroes to create a trailer for next year’s Batman v. Superman mega-crossover.  Using voiceover from the new film’s trailer spliced with black-and-white footage from 70-odd years ago, it’s a fun take on the two characters that have been around in motion-picture form for longer than lots of us may realize.  Check it out:

The other version, freshly released this week by New York Magazine/Vulture, is a little heavier on the video-editing side but thoroughly entertaining nonetheless.  Moving away from the direct homage to the upcoming film’s trailer, this “preview” feels more like advance info on a new serialized TV series, which would be pretty cool to see as well.  Here you go:

Because YouTubers are awesome, there are also retro-styled Batman v. Superman trailers featuring takes from the 1960s/1970s characters HERE (Christopher Reeve vs. Adam West) and the 1980s/1990s versions (Christopher Reeve vs. Michael Keaton) HERE.  God bless you, creative people of the internets!

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