Toyota is marking the October 21st 2015 Back to the Future date to introduce their new Toyota Mirai Hydrogen powered car. Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd are back together to check out this new ride that basically runs on trash, much like the Mr. Fusion from Back to the Future. Check out the video below.2016_toyota_mirai_055

Doug Coleman, national marketing and communications manager for Toyota’s advanced technology vehicles says:

And then even more magical, Mr. Fusion [the fueling component of the DeLorean] from the film, uses hydrogen—but in a very different way. It can be fueled by trash to create energy. Our car does effectively the same thing. We can use trash, transition that through several processes into hydrogen and ultimately fuel the Mirai.

They really tried to pack as much Back to the Future memorabilia in there as they could didn’t they? Those hydrogen cars will start slowly in the United States, with 1000 in California to start. Would you buy a hydrogen fueled car?

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