Last week on The Flash, it seemed that Barry and friends were still having trouble coping with their new lives after the singularity. This week, it looks like things are starting to get better. Now they can start to get back to doing normal things like fighting crime and having fun at the same time. However, that all takes a back seat with a woman from Cisco’s past comes running back into his life. Of course it’s none other than Lisa Snart. Unlike their previous meetings, Lisa and Cisco aren’t on opposite sides. On this week’s episode, “Family of Rogues,” Lisa (Peyton List) needs the help of Cisco and The Flash.

If you haven’t seen this week’s episode, this will be your only and final warning about any potential spoilers. With that said, we’re also shooting for a much shorter recap, but when you’re a fan of the show, it’s hard to leave anything out. Unfortunately, no one wants to read 1200 words about something they may have already seen or could watch in the same amount of time it took to read. So, without further ado, here’s the recap.


We start off this week’s episode staring at one of the many breaches in Central City. This one just happens to be located in the basement of S.T.A.R. Labs. The only problem is that it’s unstable. Basically, everything they’ve tried to send into it gets sent back. Barry even tries to run at the wormhole thinking it needs a speedster’s touch, but he just get’s tossed back. Jay Garrick, rocking a new haircut, is determined to figure out a way to stabilize the breach.

Later in the day, Barry runs into Patty Spivot and after an awkward encounter, Lisa Snart show up out of no where. She and Cisco have one of their usual moments, but then things get serious when she reveals that her brother has been kidnapped.

Back at the lab, Barry (dressed up as The Flash) and Cisco locate the whereabouts of Captain Cold. It turns out that the Captain was never kidnapped. He’s actually been working with his father, Lewis Snart (Michael Ironside). Lisa later explains that her father was abusive and finds it hard to believe that her brother would ever work with their father. There has to be a catch.

Her suspicions are proven to be correct when Barry, Joe, and Patty find a body with a decapitated head. The head, however, wasn’t removed by a meta-human. The head was blown off by a tiny bomb that was planted inside the victim’s head. Det. West discovers that the victim and Lewis Snart were known associates of each other. Barry puts two and two together and realizes how Lewis Snart is making Captain Cold work for him.

After analyzing her head, Cisco finds the same kind of explosive inside of Lisa Snart’s head. Barry comes up with a plan to infiltrate the Snarts’ operation by posing as a new tech guy hired by Captain Cold. Lewis takes the bait and they head off to the job. Barry is able to secretly use his abilities to get them to their destination. To the surprise of no one, Lewis Snart shoots Barry. After the commercial break, we find out that Barry caught the bullet and played possum while the Snarts entered a safe to steal some diamonds.

The Flash shows up and puts and end to their parade, but Lewis takes out the trigger and threatens to blow up Lisa’s head if the Captain doesn’t freeze Barry. Barry stalls them until Cisco is able to remove the bomb from Lisa. Barry then tells the Captain that his sister is safe, but he shoots his father with his Cold Gun anyways.

When all was said and done, Cisco and Lisa share a kiss, he calls her “Golden Glider,” and she races off on her motorcycle. Barry and Patty share another awkward moment and she mistakenly gives him her phone number. At the lab, Jay Garrick has finished stabilizing the breach. For a moment he contemplates going back home, but is convinced by the crew to stay a while longer.

It seems all is well in Central City, but soon enough, Professor Stein has a moment where he lights up like the Firestorm entity, but this time the flames are blue. The final scene of the episode catches everyone off guard. It’s now night time at the labs, and no one is around. A person emerges from the breach that has been stabilized. Out comes Dr. Wells, but he looks different. It’s not the Wells we knew during season one, and it’s not the Wells we saw at the end of the last episode. So who is this Dr. Wells?


It was nice to finally get a lighter episode of The Flash – for the most part. If they had gone with a serious tone for a third, straight episode, it may have been too much for the home audience. Luckily, that wasn’t the case. Instead we jump right back into the norm with one of the best relationships, Cisco and Lisa.

The relationship between these two characters is great. It’s nice to explore that relationship every now and then, and in this episode the writers did a great job. They should never officially get together. If they did, it would ruin the fun of their “cat and mouse”-like interactions. It may not seem like it, but Cisco is an underdog here. So to see someone like Lisa, who is a strong female character, playing off of someone like Cisco is really entertaining to watch.

Cisco and Lisa wasn’t the only relationship the show touched upon. The whole episode dealt with relationships. It even dealt with parental issues such as the Snart family problems, and there was even a moment with the Wests.

the flash comic patty and barry
The audience also got to see more of Barry and Patty. In case you didn’t know, these two are actually a thing in the comics. So it’ll be interesting to see how things play out in the show. As you can see, there is an obvious attraction on Patty’s part, but for Barry, he’s been so head over heels for Iris that any feelings he may have for Patty won’t be so clear.

Another relationship that appears to be brooding is between Jay Garrick and Caitlin Snow. Now, it may just be her personality and kindness, but it’s hard to ignore her glances and the blabbering she gave at the end of the episode. This is a weird one. Consider this: she was morning the loss of Ronnie is episode one, still upset episode two but starting to move on, then in episode three seemed over Ronnie enough to move on with Jay. Maybe things are moving a little too fast here? It could be.

While this episode was fun in the relationships it explored, it wasn’t as great as the first two. In one spot, an actor didn’t get what he deserved. In another, an important situation didn’t get played out as much as it should have. Okay, so where did this episode fall behind?

One spot is what they did with Michael Ironside. This man is a great actor. He’s been in films such as Top Gun, Starship Troopers, and Total Recall. His face and voice are extremely recognizable. For whatever reason, he was underutilized in this episode. While he was the main bad guy in this week’s episode, Lewis Snart wasn’t as strong of a character – at least not one that Michael Ironside should be playing.

Another problem with this week’s episode was how they addressed the issue with Momma West. Actually, it was less of a problem and more like lacking in quality. Mrs. West was a big question mark last season, and it feels like the show is taking a shortcut by giving her a drug problem and then pushing it aside. That’s why it wasn’t in the recap. There wasn’t much to recap. If you want a recap here it is, “Joe tried to pay his wife off. She said no. Joe told Iris, and Iris said it was okay, and that she understood why he did what he did. The end.” The scene between Iris and Joe was a really good scene and it was wasted. How could you not feel really bad for Joe in that moment? Or Iris? Oh, because there wasn’t enough time to process it all.

So this week’s episode wasn’t as great as the others, but we still had some fun. If they continue to play out the Mrs. West situation, it might mend itself, but if this is the last we see of her, then it won’t bode well. What’s that? What about the end of the episode? Hopefully the next episode answers that question. Check out the preview below.

Family of Rogues” overall rating – B

Next week’s episode – “The Fury Of Firestorm

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