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We here at Nerd Bastards have received and reviewed practically every geek box subscription service there is – LootCrate, NerdBlock, Power Up Box, Marvel Collector Corps – we’ve seen em’ all. They all have their merits, with some offering better items than others. Anyone of those geek box services are worth a try. However, we simply must tell you about Geek Fuel. We got our hands on their October Subscription Box, and it was truly the one time when we we’re completely won over with all of the contents in a geek-themed subscription box.

What lay in this box that won us over? Head on past the jump and for the reveals.

The premise behind this is like any other geek subscription box – once a month you receive a box of items consisting of a mixed bag (or box in this case) of toys, collectibles, comics, and a t-shirt. The novelty of it is that you don’t know what you’re gonna get until you get it (unless someone like us spoils it for you). Think of it this way:  if, on a game show, and asked to select items revealed behind door number 1 or pick what’s in the mystery box, most people would choose the box (compelled to utter “the box, the box, THE BOX”). The allure of the unknown makes for an excitable purchase.

Truth be told, mystery is almost always more exciting that what you actually end up with. Reality is hardly ever going to present itself with items that meet the wonders of your imagination. Now, I cannot speak for prior months boxes, but Geek Fuel’s October Box convinced us otherwise.


OK, so the mailer box doesn’t look all that special. The all red box (Netflix much?) with a white robot on it maybe isn’t as vibrant as probably could be  but you know what they say, never judge a box by its cover.

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A mini mag comes with the box. It makes for great bathroom reading material, featuring some great articles and a geek gift guide! Its cooler than you may think.

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This month had a spiffy Back to the Future/Now is the Future showing our past imaginings and what’s now reality!

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Funko POP! Guardians of the Galaxy Yondu Vinyl Figure. Most Geek box subscription services come standard with Funk POP! figure and most times, its a figure nobody wants. This figure, I feel, is one most everyone can like. I mean, who doesn’t have a soft spot for Star-Lords adoptive father/kidnapper? He’s so easily re-giftable.

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Video Games Live T-Shirt ($15) Video Games Live is some sort of stadium event that mashes your favorite video game soundtracks to symphony music. This shirt is made up of all sorts of video game controllers. It’s a neat design.

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Guardianade Energy Drink in Energy Sword Citrus: This is a Gatorade sorta Halo-ish mashup and it’s an actual beverage! The perfect thing to drink for when Halo 5 comes out and you need a little pep to keep playing throughout the night.

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Steam Game Code – Over 9000 Zombies ($10) There’s a Steam game code in every box. This game, well, I dunno what to tell you… I didn’t download it. I’ve never heard of it and the graphics/art didn’t do anything to grab my attention, plus the download was for Windows only (I got a Mac). Still, a downloadable game is a great way to add value to a geek box like this, it leaves room for more goodies. Plus, if the game was actually fun, that could be hours of entertainment right there.

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Save the Clock Tower Flyer Don’t forget to read the back of yours (there’s a number to call to see if you’re one of 88 winners (of what, I dunno, it doesn’t actually say)! Dr. Emmet Brown hosts the giveaway. What I hoot that was to participate in.


Delorean Time Travel Vinyl Sticker + Save the Clock Tower Button. Put these in your car or office and you’re gonna see some serious shit… from none BTTF fans, that is.

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The Force Sleeps Pillowcase: It’s a Nap! It features Admiral Ackbar (whom you may remember warning about a trap…). Funny stuff.


Each box comes with a card detailing the items included.

I feel like some of the other geek box subscription services are a grab bag of items that are mostly throw away products you’d eventually find in the discount section of Hot Topic, with maybe 1 or 2 items that make your purchase seem somewhat worth it. This time, with this subscription service, it was clear to me that a lot of thought and care went into contents – like someone actually looked at their selections at said “that’s cool, that’s cool, and that’s cool” and avoided anything but. I really liked that parts of the box were themed around Back to the Future (in apt observance to Back to the Future Day), but that whole box wasn’t beholden to it – there were other items to be had.

More than that, was the apparent sense of making purchasers feel valued; like they were part of a special club. Examples being: That mini mag (the one that features articles and gift guide) also included instagram photos from some of it’s subscribers. What a way to show appreciation to buyers – how cool would be be to see yourself get featured? Then there was the postcard-sized information card, giving you the run-down of your contents. It seems kind of silly to have a card tell you everything that you just unleashed, but there it is, and it’s cool. Then there was the Back to the Future giveaway. Granted I have no idea what the giveaway was actually for (which, admittedly, would have been nice to know) but the fact that I had a chance to win something extra, and hearing a fun little audio recording to go along with it, man that was cake. Plus, the hand-written “we love you” note on the back along with the number to call. Even though everyone got the same note, it’s just the idea that someone spent the time to hand write something.

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The novelty of geek box subscription services is that you spend money and you get a box of mystery items. You get that here with Geek Fuel, but with it, you also get something more. Every Geek Box subscription service out there wants your hard earned cash, but it’s what they do to get your continued loyalty and support is what defines them. This box, I thought, was fun. It offered a strong selection of various items, sprinkled in some nostalgic love for BTTF, and gave a little extra to make subscribers feel special.

Out of all the geek boxes I’ve gotten from various subscription services, this one had me feeling the way I always wanted to feel about a geek box. You’d be hard pressed to walk away from a box like this and not be compelled to sing “Happy Happy Joy Joy”.

I really hope the effort that was made into this months box, goes into each and every box they do. If so, then this is the best of all Geek Box subscription services.

For $23.90 a month ($17.90 for the box and $6 for shipping) you are guaranteed $50 worth in every box; with an exclusive t-shirt, games & collectibles. Sure you could spend that money on a DVD/BluRay – that you’re never gonna watch more than once –  or you can treat your geek self to a big box of awesome. Do yourself a favor and have a little fun, ’cause you will. You are guaranteed to smile.

If you want to get more info on this subscription service, hit up They also give away a free box each month as well – there is always a contest live at Oh, and anyone that signs up via any of the links in this article will receive a free bonus item. What is it? I dunno. Remember, the mystery is what makes it fun

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