New ‘X-Files’ Promo Has Monsters in It


It’s just a few short months now till we see The X-Files return to TV screens weekly, even if it’s just for five short weeks. (The first and second episode air one day after the other, so six episodes in five weeks. Don’t question my math!) A new promo has been posted online, and unlike the previous commercials, the emphasis here seems to be on the monster-of-the-week stories coming up on the miniseries continuation of the show debuting early next year. Apropos, this new trailer, in Scully’s words, “has a monster in it.” Or make that a brief look at a couple of different monsters.

While at Fan Expo Toronto last month, Gillian “Dana Scully” Anderson said that six episodes of the X-Files repose will be comprised of two mythological episodes, two monster-of-the-week episodes, and two that will showcase the more comical side of the show. The actress added that revisiting the things that made the show great in the first place is exactly what the fans want in these new episodes.

“The expert in all things, Simon Pegg, said to me what they want is what they got from the show in the beginning,” Anderson explained. “It’s comfort food, and that’s what you’re going to get in all respects. Hopefully you guys will be happy with it.”

The further adventures of Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully will begin when The X-Files returns on Fox with a special two-night event beginning Sunday January  24 at 10 pm EST following the NFC Championship Game. The show will then debut in its time period on Monday January 25 at 8 pm.

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