Way back in the 90s, the Console Wars were a tight fight between Nintendo and Sega, and their primary warriors were Mario and Sonic respectively. When Sega went down after the dual failures of the Saturn and Dreamcast systems, Sonic continued life on other platforms becoming just another licensed character, but something happened when Sega wasn’t exclusively in charge of Sonic’s fate anymore, the games he was featured in started sucking. That’s simplistic of course, but one can’t deny that while Mario continues to enjoy life with a variety of fun and innovative games, Sonic is still stuck in the glow of past glories. Now, Sega is saying sorry.

In an interview with Marketing Week, Sega Europe’s marketing director Jon Rooke made a surprising admission. “Sega has publically apologized to the fans as the quality of console games in the Sonic franchise hasn’t been acceptable over recent years,” he explained. “It’s been tough translating that iconic side scrolling 2D experience from the 90s into 3D but Sonic is still huge for us so the new games will be more inspired by how it played in its heyday.”

I’m not a big gamer, but I’m not sure harkening back to Sonic’s glory days is the solution. The Sonic game for GameCube was enjoyable enough, but it was really just the side-scrolling game redesgined for 3-D and didn’t take better advantage of the three-dimensional environments made possible by the new platforms. Having said that, the smartphone game Sonic Dash has done well with over 100 million downloads, so there maybe nostalgic appeal for the character that Sega can capitalize on if they find the right way to do it.

Currently, there are no new Sonic games scheduled, but if that changes we’ll let you know.


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