When we last left Barry and his friends, Professor Stein had ignited the Firestorm matrix without a better half and Dr. Wells (or some version of him) had stepped through the singularity located in S.T.A.R. Labs. If you saw any of the previews from last week, then you’ll know that this week’s episode was set to be a good one. The title says it all, “The Fury of The Firestorm.” On this week’s episode, the crew seeks to find a solution to Professor Stein’s problem. Along the way they run into the usual kinds of obstacles, but grow leaps and bounds in terms of their characters.

As usual, this is your chance to look away if you haven’t seen this week’s episode. But, if you’re ready to accept things, then continue reading.


This week’s episode starts off with a flashback to the events of the particle accelerator explosion. The local high school football game had just ended, and our soon-to-be hero – Jefferson “Jax” Jackson (Franz Drameh) – is being congratulated by his teammates and coach. It seems everything is going well for Jefferson. However, that all changes as an explosion in the distance makes its way to the football field. Acting natural, Jefferson saves the life of his teammate, but in doing so, is hit by the explosion’s shock wave.

Back in the present day, we find Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco trying to figure out what’s wrong with Professor Stein. As it turns out, the molecules in his body have become unstable due to not fusing for so long since Ronnie’s death. Caitlin comes up with a solution to find someone who is compatible to fuse with the Professor. In her search, she finds two possible candidates, two people who were affected in the same way when the explosion occurred. One is a prestigious scientist and the other is our former high school football star.

Barry and the Professor set out to check with Jax who has been working as a mechanic since the day of the explosion. When they finally meet, he and the Professor exchange some quick words with each other – a foreshadowing of their quirky future relationship. Barry and the Professor try to convince Jefferson to come to the lab to try and help him with his injuries caused by the explosion, but he’s reluctant.

the flash jefferson helps
Caitlin thinks the scientist is the best candidate because of his background and brings him in right away. At the lab, he and the Professor try to merge, but it turns out, they can’t. Angrily, the scientist leaves the lab and tells Caitlin to check her facts before getting someone else’s hopes up.

Luckily for them, Jax reconsiders his options and comes to the lab seeking help. However, he finds out that they weren’t looking to help him fix his leg. They let him in on the details of the Firestorm Matrix, and again, Jax turns them down. Being a superhero is something that he doesn’t want. Out of desperation, Caitlin calls out Jax on his test scores and being able to go to college, but electing not to go. She questions his ability to commit, claiming that any set back will cause him to fold and causes him to leave.

Meanwhile, strange things have been going on at Mercury Labs. Det. West and Patty are called in to investigate a break in. Someone resembling Dr. Wells was seen taking something from the lab. Back at the CCPD, Mrs. West still hasn’t left the city. It turns out she’s dying and tells Joe that’s the reason why she came back. She wants to be able to spend time with Iris as a clean woman before she dies.

The height of the episode comes when Barry and Joe finally have a moment to talk to each other. West tells Barry about Iris’ mother. At the same time, he asks Barry if anything is going on between him and Patty. Barry is hesitant and seems confused about his feelings. Joe realizes that he’s conflicted due to his feelings for Iris. His advice to Barry is to not be afraid in exploring something new.

Remember our scientist who failed to fuse with Professor Stein? It turns out, even though their fusion failed, it ignited the dormant Firestorm molecules in his body, and now he’s a walking time bomb with anger problems.

At the lab, Stein has another set back. Caitlin sees the errors of her way and says that she didn’t believe that Jax had what it takes to be a hero. Barry, using his new found knowledge from Joe, realizes that Caitlin believing in Jax wasn’t the problem. She chose not to believe in him. He reminds her that great possibilities are sometimes standing right in front of them. They just have to be open to exploring new options.

the flash jefferson stein merge
Caitlin finds Jax and admits she was wrong. While at the garage where Jax works, our scientist buddy shows up mad and begins absorbing all the energy around him; blaming Caitlin for what has happened to him. Jax hits him in the head and both make a break for S.T.A.R. Labs. Jax sees Stein in his weakened condition and agrees to merge with him. Once merged, Stein stabilizes and Firestorm is born again.

At the football field where everything happened to Jax, our mad scientists shows up and starts to absorb all the energy from the stadium lights. All that comes to an end, though, when Firestorm and The Flash show up to save the day.

Having learned about her mother’s condition, Iris agrees to meet with her mother one last time. Everything seems to start well, but Iris reveals that she discovered that her mother has been covering up more secrets – one of which is a son who was born eight months after she originally left. This means that Joe may have a son he’s never known about.

The episode comes to an end as Firestorm takes off to meet up with a friend of Stein to continue exploring their powers. Barry (in costume) finds Patty at a coffee shop and prepares to take a chance. However, that chance quickly disappears when King Shark grabs The Flash. Patty sees this and fires her gun at the giant fish, but her bullets just bounce off of him. Then, out of no where, King Shark goes down for the count. A man in a hooded sweatshirt walks away, but not before the flash catches up to him. It’s Dr. Wells.


The previews really hyped up this week’s episode, and it had a lot to live up to. Did it do it’s job? It definitely did. The episode started off with a voice over from Barry which really helped set the tone of the episode. They also ended the episode with Barry summarizing things. Voice overs are something that’s done on a lot of shows, but it really worked well in this episode and should be something to consider doing in future episodes. It could even be a regular thing.

The flash stein and jax
Jefferson “Jax”Jackson was a great addition to the show. Not only is Drameh a great actor, but his character brings a fun dynamic to the show. If this week’s episode is any indication, then the relationship between Stein and Jackson is going to be a fun time. Especially since the two seem so opposite from each other.

The West family problems continue, but this week’s episode did it some justice. Unlike previous episodes, it didn’t feel awkward or forced on the audience. Their story was told at a pace that audiences should be comfortable with. The confrontations and topics discussed were very serious, but there was time to process them.

So was there anything that the show lacked? Not really. For the most part, they covered everything pretty well. Except for one thing. We got a small taste near the beginning of the episode when Patty walked up to Barry asking for help on a case involving some kind of man-shark. That would be the last we heard of this weird being until the end of the episode when finally get to see King Shark. King Shark looked so cool. It’s hard to believe that this is all we’ll get to see of him. Hopefully this won’t be the last time. If it is, it’ll be a waste.

Other than that, the episode was solid. There’s nothing better than when the writing on the show comes full circle, and The Flash always seems to manage that with the advice that gets thrown around between Det. West and Barry. This was a good episode for character development.

The Fury of The Firestorm” overall grade: A

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