Check Out the Honest Trailer for ‘Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith’


Everyone is completely preoccupied with Star Wars right now. There is nothing else. Sign painters are just painting the words Star Wars on everything, judges are finding all defendants “Star Wars,” and in the latest polls, Star Wars has been found to have taken the lead in the republican primary. (Whew, that’s a relief.) If you’re not excited about Star Wars right now, then you’re a liar. In the midst of all this excitement and Star Wars over-stimulation, Screen Junkies (the channel that does those honest trailers on YouTube) has released a new honest trailer on YouTube for Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. Let’s check it out below.


There is so much good here. Everything in this honest trailer is spot on, from the horrible acting to the terrible dialogue to the ridiculous plot. It points out that the poorly motivated character arc of Anakin is still not as bad as Padme‘s disappointing arc. “The best Star Wars prequel by default;” is there any better way to describe Revenge of the Sith? And that’s only because of things like “a lizard chasing a robot on a unicycle.” It’s almost a shame that from now on George Lucas will be known as Disney‘s bitter ex-boyfriend.

They trailer also gives some interesting information that may not have been widely know before, like the number of limbs chopped off in the prequels, the number of evil Palpatine head turns in one conversation, and the actual minuscule amount of time between Anakin’s turn from a life-respecting Jedi to a child-murdering maniac.

The prequels are are still a maddening blemish on an otherwise beloved franchise. Thanks, Screen Junkies, for helping us cope with our trauma as we all gear up for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

What did you think of the honest trailer? Was there something they missed?

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