Jedi dropout. Leader of the Knights of Ren. Teenager with a lightsaber. Whether you love him or hate him, Kylo Ren is definitely one of the most unconventional space opera villains, what with his crappy, short-fuse attitude and his lacking when it comes down to meticulous planning. Saturday Night Live obviously saw the comedy goldmine that is Episode VII‘s archnemesis and decided to poke fun at him, by doing a comedy sketch based on the reality TV series Undercover Boss.


Adam Driver, the actor portraying Kylo Ren, stars in the SNL  sketch titled Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base. If you are not familiar with the show, the premise is simple, but flimsy: every week, the head of a company goes ‘undercover’ among their employees and probes them about their working conditions and opinion for the company, occasionally getting some pretty raw feedback in the process. We doubt that a modern employee couldn’t just verify their boss’ identity with a 10-second Google search on their smartphone, but the suspension of disbelief makes for a good laugh every now and then.


In the sketch, Kylo Ren decides to go undercover, using the super-secret cover identity of Matt, Radar Technician. He maintains his cover for what we assume is half a shift, teetering on the brink of another breakdown while he gets chewed out by his supervisor (we’ll call her the Muffin Lady), gets trash-talked by Storm Trooper Bobby Moinihan (who asks the super-obvious question: ‘What exactly did Darth Vader begin, in the first place?’) and finds some solace in the kind, reassuring words of First Order Captain Taran Killam. Of course, Kylo kills the latter, in his typical sociopath manner.

You can watch the video here:

So how does the sketch hold up, all things considered? Nerd-wise, we believe that SNL pulled their punches when it came to parodying Kylo Ren, especially during his super-awkward bonding attempt with Taran Killam. The get-over-you-son’s-tragic-demise card was the bast part of the sketch, but we believe that a meltdown from the officer’s end should have been in order, if only so we could see the Knight of Ren squirm a little bit more. Muffin Lady and Moinihan were the funniest parts of the sketch, hands down, however and they got exactly the kind of reaction that Episode VII prepared us for. Also, what did Darth Vader begin, exactly?

With the first wave of well-made parodies coming in, we think it’s time for Robot Chicken to make another Star Wars Special, Disney willing.

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