With an audience of literally millions, Hollywood is more than eager to show off all the movies that they’ve got in store for 2016. Tonight’s Super Bowl ads will include previews for hyped-up films like 10 Cloverfield Lane and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Out of all the new trailers making their television debut tonight, one preview is especially anticipated. As the melanistic felines and the untrained equines partake in dubious battle, a whole nother war is just on the horizon. While the former of these conflicts centers around an inflatable piece of leather, the latter involves whether or not superheroes should be registered with the government. It’s the battle of Team Iron Man vs. Team Captain America.  

At tonight’s Super Bowl, Marvel Studios debuted a brand spanking new TV spot for the hugely-anticipated Captain America: Civil War. This spot offers plenty of new footage and does a bang up job in hyping audiences up for this May.

The spot is only 42 seconds long, but it is arguably just as intense as the full-length trailer that debuted two months ago. The spot essentially gives a brief summary of the film’s basic conflict with barely any dialogue.

It starts off with Captain America himself, trying to protect Bucky “The Winter Soldier” Barnes from the authorities. It proceeds to cut to a moment where Bucky attacks Tony Stark, firing a bullet right into his repulsor glove. Black Widow reacts in horror to explosions at an airport, Stark takes off an injured War Machine’s mask, and Bucky and the Captain finally confront Iron Man with their weapons drawn.

Finally confronted, Iron Man says, “you chose the wrong side,” as grimly as he can. The two teams then face each other and prepare to clash. Throughout the entire ad, chants of “united we stand, divided we fall,” can be heard to increase the tension and properly represent such an epic cinematic event.

Needless to say, this spot is sure to have audiences begging for a time machine to go to May 6th. The phrase “united we stand, divided we fall,” perfectly sums up the situation. The phrase is usually used to represent unity, but there is anything but unity going on in this appropriately-labeled civil war. Now that the Avengers are divided, they are more likely to fall.

Will the Avengers stand united or fall divided? We’ll find out in three months.

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