Finally a Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Trailer that makes the 8-year-old nerd inside of all of us giggle with glee. The trailer that finally proves that it’s all about the Bat, or at least all the really “Holy Crap” moments of this trailer. That’s the only warning you’re gonna get, be careful that you don’t holler out a couple of “Holy Craps!!!” while watching this trailer in your cubicle. You’re boss might not be as amused as we are.

Let’s just get right to the trailer:

Now that was a trailer. Zach Snyder should have just put this one out there and dropped the mic a month ago. It all boils down to that one little scene. You know the one we’re talking about.


Now that block is awesome, but the payoff is the look on Superman’s (Henry Cavill) face after he realizes that Batman (Ben Affleck) has brought his “A” game to the party.


It’s a mixture of disbelief and “Oh Shit am I in trouble?” Looks like we’re gonna get an old-fashioned Bat-Beatdown. If this trailer doesn’t give that person sitting on the fence to jump over to the greener grass of Snyder’s BvS then we don’t know what Snyder has to do to make that happen.

There’s also that trailer opening with Alfred and Batman banter, which might just be the best buddy banter we’ve seen in a DC superhero movie so far.

Mark your calendar as Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theater screens on March 25th.

Just released! IMAX poster for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.


Now that is a nice poster.

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