When it comes to box office numbers, there are plenty of films out there that have no right generating the amount of revenue that pours in and many people are left baffled when the receipts are tallied up.  When it comes to Deadpool, however, there is no question that the film absolutely deserves every penny of that $675mil it’s made so far. The R-Rated superhero flick is an almost perfect movie from beginning to end.  Well, in the eyes of most moviegoers, at any rate. The folks over at HISHE, ever the cynics, feel that they may have a better ending for the film that what audiences witnessed in theaters.  In fairness, they may be right.


HISHE has been entertaining people for years with their take on film endings and they have been pretty right on the money most of the time. Not realistically, of course, but, c’mon, they are a blast!  Ready for their two cents on Deadpool? Good. Now hit that play button and enjoy the fruits of HISHE’s labor.

Not bad, right? Sure, Superman and Batman hanging out with Deadpool and Co. in a diner would never happen but with crossovers these days…

Really, could the video be more perfect? Considering the character in question, having Deadpool sit around and discuss the absurdity of some of the scenes in the film is more than a bit fitting. And, you can’t argue with some of that logic.

Which HISHE video has been your favorite, so far? How do YOU think the film should have ended?

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