Dark Tower fans, for one of the first times since the movie adaptation finally found a home at Sony, there is some good news on the horizon. After a bit of a casting misstep in the eyes of many fans and the addition of an absolutely superfluous new villain, not to mention the news that The Dark Tower film series will not begin with the first book in the series, The Gunslinger, Sony finally has made another great decision (the first, of course, being the master casting of Matthew McConaughey as The Man In Black), possibly two. It seems that two of Roland’s tet-mates may have been cast and if the news is to be believed, Eddie Dean and Jake Chambers have not only been found but, believe it or not, the casting is right on target.


Let’s start with the confirmed news. According to Variety, Sony had the brilliant idea of casting a relative unknown in the role of Jake Chambers and young Tom Taylor was the boy who won the role after a worldwide search for the perfect actor. Taylor has had a few roles here and there on British Television but nothing that would compare to the Hollywood life to which he may have just committed.  After all, not only does the project entail three big screen outings but there may also be a tie-in television series to fill in the gaps between the films, which would lead one to assume the same actors would be retaining their roles for television.  Three films and a television series means that the young actor will be a young man by the time all is said and done and will have spent his entire adolescence in Mid-World. Lucky bastard.


Onto the rumored news! Blastr is reporting that Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul may be in talks for the role of The Prisoner, Eddie Dean. Now, keep in mind, this is simply a rumor and should be taken with a few grains of salt but according to the outlet, Paul all but has the part.  Now, this is something that may or may not have been in the works for a while.  As a matter of fact, a certain staff member of Nerd Bastards, who shall remain nameless, actually suggested Paul for the role directly to Ron Howard years ago, when Howard first decided he wanted to adapt the novels, and Paul himself mentioned that he had had talks about the role some time ago.  However, considering the tweets between Dark Tower author Stephen King and Aaron Paul after the rumor hit, perhaps it’s all just smoke and mirrors, after all.

You know studios and their secrets, so Paul and King could absolutely be trolling the fans but the world should know soon enough.

Now that you have the news, if you have not read the novels, this may be a good time to turn around. Seriously, we are going to get into HEAVY spoiler territory here. Maybe. Considering how much has already changed about the story, none of this could even be included in the film. Still…Here there (may) be spoilers….

Jake Chambers has a very vital role in the books and it one of the most important clues to Roland’s obsession with the Dark Tower. In the first novel, The Gunslinger, after finding Jake, a trap left by The Man in Black, Roland soon begins to love him like a son until given the choice between saving Jake’s life and continuing his quest for the Tower.  Roland lets Jake fall to his (second) death, with Jake’s last words being the super heavy “go then, there are other worlds than these”. Roland continues his quest which leads him to three doors from which he “draws” three individuals (Detta Walker and Odetta Holmes count as two, right? Sure.), one of those individuals being the New-York-Street-Wise Eddie Dean, a heroin addict who is drawn while transporting drugs. Eventually, Jake makes his way back to Mid-World and joins Roland and his travellers, who, along with Jake, become some of the deadliest gunslingers the world has ever known.


From the look of things, Taylor should be perfect for Jake and if Aaron Paul should join the cast as Eddie, Gan knows that the man can definitely play a great drug addict. The only real problem with Paul’s casting, should one look for a fault, is that Paul’s dramatic work always overshadows his more fun stuff. Seriously, have you seen BoJack Horseman? Aaron Paul is absolutely hilarious but in Breaking Bad, in which he played the ultra charming drug addict Jesse, those moments of fun were rare and far between. Eddie Dean, on the other hand, is a smartass of the highest caliber and his humor is a defining characteristic. Could Paul pull it off? Absolutely! However, some may say that Adam Driver could play the role just a bit more convincingly, and that is a valid train of thought, once you look at Driver’s work in This is Where I Leave You. Still, at this point, considering the very different direction the films seem to be taking from the books, who knows what the filmmakers have in store for Eddie?  Sure, the changes are a bit infuriating for long time fans, or, Constant Readers, if you like that better, but there is ONE thing that could truly save this series, even with all of the changes. Sony, if you are listening, just make sure Roland is carrying the Horn of Eld. Please. If you want to avoid a revolt, just give him the damn Horn.

How do you feel about the casting news? Who do you want to see in Detta’s role?


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