Hot on the heels of Marvel’s self referential Deadpool, it seems the time is nigh for the big blue bug to make television safe again for the masses. Yes, kids, The Tick may just be coming back to serve up a big heaping helping of justice thanks to Amazon studios.

Its been over a decade since Patrick Warburton put on the blue antennae, and now that super hero movies are all the rage, its looks like the time is ripe for a clever parody to start poking holes in the DC/Marvel universe and why not bring back one of the most beloved and less than well educated comic book characters ever created?

Amazon.com seems to want to stick their toes in the super hero pie with a reboot of Ben Edlund’s cult classic hero The Tick and has ordered a pilot episode to be filmed. Warburton, who has been a fairly vocal mouthpiece for the franchise since the failed 2001 Fox series, however, will not be returning as the nigh invulnerable hero who spends his nights protecting “The City” from danger, but will be executive producing. Griffin Newman and Valorie Curry have signed on to star as siblings Arthur and Dot who adopt The Tick and help him in his daily heroics with Wally Pfister (Transcendence) in talks to direct the pilot episode from Ben Edlund’s script.

Personally, I am a HUGE fan of The Tick and loved the series which you can find on DVD, but it was a series that wanted to parody super hero movie and TV shows before they were a staple of our prime time viewing habits. So hopefully now The Tick will finally get to scrub his toothbrush of justice all over gum disease’s evil on a television set near you!

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