When Toronto ComiCon booked Karen Allen to appear many months ago (or whenever), could they have known that just a couple of days before hand that they would announce that Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford would be teaming up again for Indiana Jones 5? Probably not, but it’s nice when things work out. When Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull concluded, Indy had married Allen’s character Marion Ravenwood, so one might think the odds are good that Marion will return for Part 5. It’s still a little early in the process to know, but to get any awkwardness out of the way at a press availability Saturday morning, we thought we’d ask anyway. 

“What about it?” Allen said with a laugh. “This is my new thing because everyone keeps asking me,” she said about playing dumb about the announcement this past week.

“My fingers are crossed, that’s that’s the only thing I know to say,” Allen continued. “It’s a mystery right now about who will join the ‘cast of one’, and we all know who he is. But, you know, we’ll just see. I’m waiting, I’m hopeful, I would love to do it, and I hope they find a way to create a story that Marion’s a part of.”

Of course, Allen has a wide and varied career, and she also touched on the sequel potential for another well-known film in her C.V., John Carpenter’s Starman, in which she appeared opposite Jeff Bridge.

“It was a really, really special film for me,” Allen said of Starman. “Everyone wants us to do that sequel, they want to know who that baby is, they want the baby to come back and save the planet from all the horrible things that are going on with the little ball in his hand. I think there is some, unfortunately, difficult problems with the rights to the material, it’s more difficult than one would want to talk about.”

In lieu of a sequel, Allen’s just glad to have the memories. “We had awfully good time. Jeff is one of the sweetest people in the world, as sweet as you would imagine, and so much fun to work with,” she remembered.

“John was wonderful to work with too,” she added. “I was a little afraid to work with him because I wasn’t a big horror film fan. I like certain kinds of horror movies, but I tried to watch Halloween and I couldn’t, not because it was bad filmmaking, it was good filmmaking because it scared the crap [out of me]. I was living alone in New York at the time. The level of anxiety I felt became overwhelming.”

“Of course the Starman script was so sweet, so I thought that maybe it was an odd pairing, but he was so much fun to work with, and so lovely with Jeff and I. It’s one of my favourite memories making a film.”

Allen also got asked about her second love, fashion. And although she can’t do as much with it for the moment because of her busy acting career, she’s still happy to help make her famous friends fabulous. “I think a lot of people from the other worlds I know come through [my store],” she said. “Steven Spielberg has a couple of my sweaters, his wife Kate [Capshaw] buys all those great fingerless glove things that I do, so there’s a lot of crossover here and there.”

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