If we have to be perfectly honest, we think it’s weird it didn’t happen sooner. Game Of Thrones took the entirety of nerdom (and a whole lot of normies) along for one heck of a ride since its very first aired episode and its high production values, as well as its associated publication drama, would give it tons of points to go over and add to the show’s already huge hype. Apparently, HBO thought so too, six years into the most successful grim and gritty fantasy series ever, which led them to announce…

After The Thrones, the weekly Game Of Thrones recap show, which will be produced by Bill Simmons (of The Ringer fame). The episodes will begin airing on Monday, after the first Season 6 episode has already aired, which we guess will give the hosts plenty of time to digest and divulge all the juicy details that we might have missed on our first viewing. The network seem to be pretty optimistic about the show, announcing it as:

“the first show to spring from HBO’s new partnership with Bill Simmons.”

According to the recent announcements made, we know that After The Thrones will be hosted by Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan, TV writers for The Ringer. Greenwald is an old horse when it comes to dissecting TV shows, with his extensive experience with working for MTV Magazine, Complex and Magnet, while Ryan is one of The Ringer‘s most read and prolific TV writers.


What’s more important however, is that on staff for the show is Jason Concepcion, who is a savant in the Game Of Thrones universe. He write for Grantland, hosting one of the series’ most read columns, dealing with the history and specifics of Westeros and its neighboring continents and history, while he has also been the man behind the column Ask The Maester, in which he tackles user-submitted questions and answers them in-character, while keeping his tongue firmly stuck in cheek throughout. Say what you will about try-hard nerds, but that last bit takes some doing.

Also, more importantly, the writers of Grantland have always been pretty good at bridging the book-nerd vs series-nerd debate. With Winds Of Winter irrevocably delayed, this might be a necessary skill, especially considering the speculative uproar that’s to follow when Season 6 starts to air.  But if we’re honest, we think the Season 7 aftershow should just be an in-universe Between Two Ferns, starring Bronn.


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