There’s no denying actor Tom Cruise’s box office power.  As far as anyone can remember, the seemingly ageless action star has been fiercely running from one film to another and topping the box office in each film with his name alone.  It was quite strange when Edge of Tomorrow came out and was one of his “flops.”  The film did receive critical praise and a well-done sci-fi film, which should have taken off, especially in the geek world where the film literally had a video game-like narrative where the protagonist dies time and time again to successfully complete his mission.  The film blended the right amount of humor and action.  When poor box office reports came it, it pretty much ensured that this was a one-and-done franchise, but thanks to increased DVD/Blue Ray sales and an almost cult following of the film there was hope that a sequel would greenlight.  

Deadline reports that a sequel is currently in development, and they have officially confirmed writers for the film and director Doug Liman is returning for the sequel.  The writers for the sequel will be Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse.  Both of them recently did the screenplay for the Jessie Owens biopic Race.  The duo also did a script rewrite for the upcoming film The Gray Man starring Charlize Theron.  It is unknown in the previous screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie will be involved in the writing process for the Edge of Tomorrow Sequel.  McQuarrie was rumored to be directing the film but immediately took to social media advising fans that Doug Liman will remain the director.  McQuarrie also advised that he will be involved in the film in some way, but did not specify what.

There has been no confirmation of Tom Cruise or Emily Blunt returning at this time, but it would be hard to imagine the two of them not returning for the sequel.  Seeing how the first film only covered literally one day in the timeline of the film, there could be so much more story involving those two characters.  It could be the aftermath of the war, perhaps a new person inherits the alien’s powers and they need to train that person as well.  Although the first film had a definitive ending, with all the “day resetting” involved in that, there’s no telling what they could do going forward.  Pretty much the sky’s the limit on where they can go from here.


Source: Deadline

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