Ever since Spider-Man’s shock appearance in the Civil War trailer released in March, the Marvel fan base has exploded with theories and rumours about all the directions this revelation could take the franchise.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Marvel president Kevin Feige revealed that fans can indeed expect cameos from other characters in future Spider-Man movies. “He’s in the universe now,” Feige said, “and the fun of the universe is that characters go back and forth.”

The newest Spider-Man reboot is currently in the production stages of development. It is due to be directed by Jon Watts of Cop Car fame. Spidey himself will be portrayed by the relatively unknown Tom Holland, whose best known role to date is the titular character in Billy Elliot at the Victoria Palace Theatre in London, though he has a number of big movies on the horizon.

Less than a day since the news was published, the online community has already gone wild with ideas.

Some people think that Spidey’s allegiance with Iron Man in Civil War suggests that Tony Stark is a likely candidate for our mystery guest. This is compounded by the fact that Holland’s chemistry test with Robert Downey Jr during his audition process was reportedly a key factor in him winning the role of Spider-Man.

Other sources, however, suspect that Downey Jr’s busy schedule over the next year counts against this theory. Still, Downey Jr’s history of dropping by for a cameo, seemingly just for the fun of it, is inspiring many to maintain faith in the possibility.

Civil War director Joe Russo joked that the Spider-Man cameos were more likely to be a group of D-list Avengers – the kind of guys working below Hawkeye and Mockingbird. He raised the possibility that any cameo could be as brief and unexplosive as Falcon in AntMan. The joke was made almost in the same vein as Deadpool when he lamented that his only X Men cameos were the relatively lesser known Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

There has been no real indication, though, as to how much truth lies behind this idea.

Other potential candidates include Captain America and even Daredevil, though both these theories are based exclusively on their shared location, with little more supporting evidence behind them.

Whatever the decision is eventually revealed to be, this will be the first of Sony’s ventures with Spider-Man to include a cameo. Perhaps tying the new movies more solidly into the Marvel universe will help to garner more success than its predecessors.

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