Team Cap Goes All Out In Brand-New Civil War Footage


War is coming for the MCU, ready to kick off Phase Three and all the cosmic hullabaloo that entails. Civil War is definitely going to be one of the most ambitious Marvel superhero films we’ve seen so far and Disney are doing their best to keep the hype-train rolling until May 6th, when we can finally get to enjoy the cinematic brawl. And judging by the recently revealed footage that was shown during the MTV Music Awards, this is going to be one heck of a ride…

Chris Evans (the world’s most recognizable World War II veteran and also the guy who got almost eaten alive when he was a baby in Snowpiercer) presented the new footage trailer during the ceremony, to the everlovingly loud reaction of the audience. The footage seems to be pretty damn impressive, showing off the fighting capabilities of Team Cap in an open brawl against what appear to be S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in riot gear.


The footage focuses on Captain America, mostly drop-kicking guards, before the rest of his team gets in on the field. The Falcon and Scarlet Witch drop in, beginning what’s sure to be an assault on a very obvious trap that will certainly escalate into a bigger and badder superhero brawl than any we’ve seen on the silver screen so far. The footage is cut short, of course, with the video cutting into the juiciest bits of the released trailers so far, leaving the audience wanting.

While we do appreciate this nod to keep the fans all pumped and contended, we can’t hope but feel as if this footage is just going to be an escalation, with Robert Downey Jr. (Marvel‘s most accomplished alcoholic and also the most inappropriate guy to star in a 90’s action movie) popping in during another ceremony to show off Team Iron Man kicking some ass. If so, then at least this marketing campaign is going to be a breath of fresh air that will keep us occupied until release day.


One thing is for sure: if Civil War manages to live up to its own hype, then the rest of Phase Three is going to have one heck of a tough act to follow…

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