Last summer, Marvel Studios released two movies that left the fate of two heroes kind of up in the air. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Hulk/Bruce Banner flew off for parts unknown in the Quinjet, and at the end of Ant-Man, Hope Pym is introduced to the prototype Wasp suit her father Hank had been designing before his wife was killed in action. We know that the Hulk will be back in Thor: Ragnarok, and that the Wasp will fly high in Ant-Man and the Wasp, but was there ever any chance that the two of them might have showed up for Captain America: Civil War in the meantime? Funny you should ask…

While talking to the Huffington Post, Civil War co-screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely did some rumor control, and here are the facts. First, once and for all, is there a Hulk cameo sandwiched somewhere in Civil War? Markus says…

“We can clean that up real quickly. Mark Ruffalo shot no scenes. We talked about having Bruce Banner at the very end of the film, and it just, again, seemed like we’re sticking people in just to stick them in. He has clearly gone somewhere at the end of Ultron, and that’s a story. Don’t blow it off and put it in a little tiny chunk just to put in a little extra filigree on our movie. That’s a story.”

Wait a minute, weren’t their reports about Hulk portrayer Mark Ruffalo being seen on set? McFeely says…

“There was a draft with a stinger of him in it, but that was long ago, and reports of him actually filming stuff — the unit publicist on the movies [John M. Pisani] looks a lot like Ruffalo, so when people say, ‘Hey, he’s in Berlin dancing with Anthony Mackie,’ it’s John Pisani. It’s not Ruffalo.”

Finally, we know Ant-Man’s in the movie, we’ve seen clip, but there was every any chance that Evangeline Lilly might have suited up as the Wasp for the first time? McFeely says….

“We certainly had a draft where both Ant-Man and Wasp were recruited, but when they come in, that’s a lot of story there, and you can’t just let Paul Rudd do what we need him to do in that section, which is look at it from wide open innocent eyes and appreciate the Avengers from the outside, which gets you comic relief beat after beat after beat. Spider-Man’s similar, right? Because these people have an investment, and these two new people don’t. It’s not that Wasp wouldn’t also have that opinion maybe, but we have not seen her be a hero at all, so that’s an example of where we think we’d be drinking someone’s milkshake. Let’s let the Ant-Man franchise show her come to her full fruition as opposed to just doing it offscreen.”

Remember kids: Captain America: Civil War comes out exactly three weeks from tomorrow.

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