There used to be a day when superhero movies were almost impossible to get made.  Studios had to be thoroughly convinced that a comic book property could generate enough revenue to make the endeavor worthwhile. And if it was a comic book property outside of Batman or Superman?  It was even tougher than it will be for BvS to reach that coveted $1b mark.  These days, every moviehouse in the business has a piece of the superhero cash cow; so many so, that production companies barely even consider the quality of the film they are releasing, hoping the crowds will come running anytime they get a hint of a superpower in a trailer. These days, superhero movies have to be something extraordinary to separate themselves from the pack and of these, Deadpool may reign supreme.  Today, the news from CinemaCon is that audiences will absolutely get more of the Merc with a Mouth.


If you saw Deadpool, (honestly, if you didn’t, there will be no warning of spoilers because you deserve it), you know that the post credit scene teased a sequel with comic book favorite Cable.  Here, in the real world, sources stated that 20th Century Fox was so confident in their product that they greenlit a sequel even before the film was released. Still, through all of this, all that matters is that “Official Word”, which came down today from CinemaCon.

During their panel, 20th Century Fox confirmed that Deadpool 2 is officially happening and, of course, director Tim Miller would be returning to direct.  If this really comes as a surprise to you, you haven’t been paying attention to what the antihero has been doing at the box office. The film’s gross currently stands at a little over $757mil across the globe.  This is, of course, before the film has even left screens, and before it hits home theaters on May 10 when it will likely make millions more.  There are many things that contributed to the film’s success, from its absolutely brilliant PR campaign, to the true-to-the-comic treatment of the character, to the most kick-ass female characters to hit the screens since Furiosa…The list goes on but the one undeniable force that truly made the movie what it was the Ryan Reynolds/Tim Miller combo.  Both the star of the film and the director have not only a love for the character but an absolute understanding of Wade, and this shows through in every single frame of the film.  Miller will be directing a script from Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, who took the task on the first film.    


No word on the release date quite yet but if the studio stays the course and goes with Cable in Deadpool’s second round, you can bet it will be even better than the first film.  Of course, just because no release date was officially announced, it doesn’t mean that Fox didn’t tease a date, perhaps.  In the press release, Fox mentions an “Untitled Fox Marvel Movie” set to be released on October 6, 2017.  Keep in mind, this could be one of many movies, with some assuming this is the target date for the X-Force film.  With Gambit, The New Mutants, and Deadpool 2 on that slate as well, however, it’s anyone’s guess.

What other characters do you hope show up in the sequel? Which Fox/Marvel movie do you hope hits that October 6, 2017 release date?

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