Auditions for the coveted “Young Han Solo” prequel movie are cloaked in secrecy. Many came to audition and only three actors remain. The casting itself had a title much like “Blue Harvest” for Return of the Jedi, “Red Cup” (red solo cups, get it?). With such an iconic character being portrayed Disney and Lucasfilm must get it right, even if it takes a few more weeks. The remaining actors in this clandestine audition are, Taron Egerton of Kingsman fame, Jack Reynor (Transformers-Age of Extinction, Macbeth) and Alden Ehrenreich who starred in Beautiful Creatures and had a part in the Cohn Brothers, Hail Ceasar!

After several screen tests Alden Ehrenreich surfaced as the front runner, according to Deadline, for this coveted role.

This does not mean he has the part wrapped up. But his acting chops are strong and would be a solid bet next to Taron Egerton. Looking at his previous work, his front-runner status holds weight.  Check out this short video from Beautiful Creatures.

As Ethan Wait in this film, he nailed the role and even received a nomination for Teen Choice Awards, Best Actor. You can rent the film Beautiful Creatures this weekend on Amazon or Netflix and see for yourself.

Currently the only other actor who could possibly steal the front runner status away would be Taron Egerton. His performance as Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin in Kingsman holds its own gravitas as well.

Both actors have titanic shoes to fill. The cocky space smuggler with roguish charms and lopsided smile remains the number one character for the Star Wars franchise. Rolling Stone Magazine named Han Solo number one along with Empire Magazine. Star Wars would not be the multi-cultural phenomenon it is without Han’s well timed lines and story within Episode Four, A New Hope. Most kids wanted to be Han Solo growing up instead of Luke Skywalker. Whoever fills this role must have the arrogance of a scoundrel and the heart of a hero which is a fine line to walk.

The creation of a young Han Solo film is a sore spot for many film fans. Many people refuse to entertain the idea of someone besides Harrison Ford playing this character. Hopefully with time and more Star Wars movies released their minds may change. A successful young Han Solo Anthology could lead to a trilogy based on another fan favorite Obi-Wan Kenobi. Hopefully Ewan McGregor will not be too old by then.

Either way, movie goers will be in for a treat May 25, 2018 when the Han Solo Anthology starts.

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