You’re travelling through a theme park. A theme park of not only princes and princesses but of super heroes. A journey into a land of a talking raccoon, a tree that speaks one word and a green woman. You are about to enter The Twilight Zone or is that Guardians of the Galaxy? 

Let’s be honest, if you know anything about The Twilight Zone (you will have read the introduction in that voice and…) you will know that Disney has based The Tower of Terror on the classic sci-fi/mystery TV show. One of Walt Disney World’s biggest attractions patrons are treat to a free fall in an elevator car that looks over the entire theme park. But could the ride in California be getting a makeover of galactic proportions?


With the huge boom in super hero films and the incredible success of The Guardians of the Galaxy, Disney could look to change the theme of the ride to Star Lord and co. once the ride’s Tower of Terror license runs out this year, after twenty years overlooking the California park. The likelihood is, is that The Twilight Zone will remain the theme of the rides in all other Disney park locations. This is an interesting revelation, considering that CBS are looking to release a Twilight Zone movie (NerdBastards report on that here.) in the near future. Do you think it is a wise move to reshuffle the theme of such a classic ride to keep up with contemporary theme park goers or should Disney stick with the time-honoured drop ride and keep The Twilight Zone alive?

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