Legends 13.5

Things are heating up in this episode of the CW series DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.  With only three episodes left until the season one finale, the stage is being set for whatever inevitable cliffhanger is in store.  If you, like many, have been enjoying the last few Vandal Savage-free episodes, unfortunately the reprieve ends here.  The show’s (or at least, this season’s) big bad is back, and with a vengeance.  The Legends have traveled to London in 2166, a mere 3 days before Savage kills Rip’s wife and son, with the hopes of giving it one last go at stopping the evil mastermind.  There are some twists and turns and several surprises in this episode.  Some new faces, some old ones, some flashbacks.  And of course an epic fight scene or two.  All standard fare for a fun episode.  Interested?  Want to read more?  Hop on board!  BUT, beware of SPOILERS. 


Last week left off with the Legends defeating The Pilgrim, a formidable bounty hunter for the Time Masters.  She had been trying to kill their younger selves, in order to wipe out their current personas from the time stream.  In order to thwart her efforts, they kidnapped some version of themselves, either teenage or newborn baby, and stored them with Rip’s adoptive mother.  However, at least for those who were taken as newborns, the timeline is beginning to set.  They only have a limited amount of time to stop Savage and return the babies before it’s too late and they are wiped from history.  Yikes.  So away they go to the one place they know for a fact that Savage can be found: London, 2166.  Rip lands them there a mere three days before his family will be murdered.

Legends 13.7

They know Savage will be giving a speech in the open, and Rip goes with “Killer, Klepto, and Pyro” to infiltrate the rally.  They quickly realize there is no way they’ll be able to get at him there, and will have to wait until he gets back inside his headquarters.  They listen to his Hitler-esque speech and see the effect he has on his loyal guards.  It’s eerie.  Kendra, who is watching the proceedings from the safety of the time ship, notices that one of Savage’s lieutenants, a young blonde woman, is wearing her bracelet, the one she was wearing the night of her first death.  This is a good sign, because the objects present during that night can be used to kill Savage.  She tells the others to get the bangle, but during a scuffle with her and the other guards closest to Savage they are unable to get it.  They do realize, however, that blondie knows exactly who they all are.

After failing to get at Savage this time, they go to the Resistance forces to try and get their help.  Rip, Ray, Jax, and Stein are astonished to see the poor, dirty, and starving refugees.  Jax and Stein are especially moved by the sight, and bring them food from the time ship.  They learn that London is the only city left in the world that still has free patches here and there, although those areas are falling quickly to Savage, because it is difficult to combat such evil.  Ray also learns that this is not the first time Rip has attempted to save his family, not by a long shot.  After they were first murdered, Rip kept going back in time to the moments or days before their deaths to try and save them, but each time he was unsuccessful.  He now believes time wants them to die.  Ray, who cannot allow himself to believe in fate due to his doomed relationship with Kendra, tells him that he believes in choices and actions, not fate.  He is sure they can save them.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow -- "Leviathan"-- Image LGN113a_0373b.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Franz Drameh as Jefferson "Jax" Jackson, Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer/Atom, Arthur Darvill as Rip Hunter and Victor Garber as Professor Martin Stein -- Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Meanwhile, Kendra has a flashback to Iowa City, 1941.  It’s of Carter and his mace, his chosen weapon for fighting Savage.  In it, he has forgotten their anniversary and attempts to give it to Kendra as an anniversary gift.  He insists that she should learn how to use it, in case he dies before her in one of their future lives.  This flashback gives her an idea.  She still has the mace, and believes if they can melt down the golden bracelet onto the mace, she can defeat Savage with it.  Of course, that requires them to get the bracelet off the hand of the blonde lieutenant.  Mick and Leonard, always incredibly nuanced with their plans, storm into the Savage headquarters to get it from her.  When they realize that not only does she recognize them, but that she also knows their names and who knows what else, Leonard decides to kidnap her for information.  It turns out, she is not just a high ranking officer, she is Vandal Savage’s daughter, Cassandra Savage.  Gasp!

Leonard tries to interrogate her, but she is too loyal to her father.  She believes what he has told her, that he was the only one willing and able to stand up to the mad Per Degaton after he unleashed the Armageddon Virus that killed her mother.  Leonard has Gideon show a clip of what really happened, in order to try and convince Cassandra of the truth.  At first, she is unwilling to believe her father is capable of such things, but she can only deny it for so long, before she finally realizes the truth.

Legends 13.3

Savage comes for his daughter, ready to annihilate all the refugees that stand between him and her.  Stein ushers them all onto the time ship, because he refuses to leave them to die.  They are ready to take off somewhere, but then are grabbed by a monstrously large, glowing green robot.  This is Savage’s greatest weapon: the Leviathan.  The robot flings the ship with all its might, and they crash hundreds of yards, if not miles, away.  Stein is injured and must be treated by Gideon.  They aren’t sure what to do, and Rip is convinced they’re all going to die for going against what Time wants to happen.  Ray talks sense into him, and develops a plan to take on the robot.  Meanwhile, Leonard convinces Cassandra to lead them back to Savage.

At first, Savage is delighted to see his daughter, but when he notices that she doesn’t have the bracelet he begins to get suspicious.  That’s when the Legends swoop in.  But he knows none of them can kill him.  Then, he senses Kendra.  She swoops down and grabs him, and takes him to a more secluded area where they can keep the fight between them.  Rip, Mick, Leonard, and Sarah take on the guards in the anteroom.  And while all this is happening, Ray is taking on the giant robot.  He has devised a way to grow his Atom suit, instead of shrinking it, and he is kicking the robot’s butt.  With the assistance of Jax as his hype man.

Lends 13.2

Kendra and Savage fight to the death.  She quickly realizes that she was correct, and she can kill Savage with the weapon she has created.  She beats him down, and is about to deliver the final blow, when one of his guards enters the room and shoots her.  She turns on him and begins to fight the guard, who is no match for her.  But just when she is about to kill him, she realizes it’s Carter.  Savage has found his reincarnated form, and has brainwashed him so that he cannot remember his past lives.  Oh nooo!  Kendra is now in a terrible position.  She has to choose between saving the world, or saving the man she loves.  Well, one of the men she loves.  Rip comes in to find out what the hold up is, and realizes that Kendra cannot kill Savage.  So they kidnap him and imprison him on the ship, instead.


Ugh, Kendra is the worst.  Right when she starts to get interesting, and not seem so weak, she has to go and act like a whiny little girl again.  One, Carter reincarnates, so even if this version of him is doomed, she can go forward in time and wait for the next one.  Two, who is to say they need Vandal to undo the brainwashing.  They dealt with Mick and Sarah just fine are their own.  Three, she has ONE JOB!  Kill Savage and save the world!  This is not the time to be weak.  Also, poor Ray.  That guy just can’t catch a break.  Looks like he was right, and they were better off in the 1950s.

Legends 13.6

Aside from Kendra and her major face-palm moment, the episode is a pretty good one.  We finally get an answer to the “when will Carter resurface” question, and see that the boring oaf that is Vandal Savage can in fact be killed.  Here’s to hoping he gets offed in the next three episodes, so that they can find another Big Bad for season two.  The special effects in this episode are absolutely killer.  The robot versus Atom sequence is amazing, especially for network television.  Savage’s daughter is an interesting, if not altogether original, twist.  Although it does make you wonder how many other kids he has running around.  As an immortal tyrant, he could feasibly create an army of his own offspring.  He clearly is not the mastermind he’s made out to be, otherwise that would totally be his tactic.  Also, why, oh why, is his accent still so strong?  After thousands of years on the Earth, much of which we must presume he is speaking English, his awful accent should have dissipated.  The world may never know.

Tune in next week for episode 14, “River of Time”, airing Thursday at 8pm EST on the CW.  Looks like Savage and his awful accent are going to escape from the time ship.  Surprise, surprise.


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