The post-credit stinger of X-Men: Days of Future Past teased that audiences would soon enough see En Sabah Nur aka Apocalypse, one of the most powerful mutants and the X-Men’s greatest foe not named Magneto. This got everyone excited about the prospects of the next X-Men film by Fox. However, when they release images for X-Men: Apocalypse in Entertainment Weekly and audiences actually got to see director Bryan Singer’s interpretation for the fan-favorite bad guy, expectations took a steep dive. Gone was his surreal presence we are used to from the comics and the famed cartoon series of the 90s, and it was replaced with an Ivan Ozze look alike. Fans were on their keyboards cursing Singer’s name for destroying such an iconic character. In subsequent trailers, the image of Apocalypse has improved and eased some fans minds. Still some folks wondered, “What was Bryan Singer thinking?”

Singer recently spoke with IGN where he addressed some fan concerns. Some fans had complained about Oscar Isaac’s voice used during the first trailer. Fans were used to the almost mechanical baritone voice from the 90s cartoon, and it was simply Oscar Isaac. Singer explained that is was never their intention to use jus Oscar’s voice and even explained some of the technology they were using to give Apocalypse his signature voice.

“What I’m doing is something very unique. It hasn’t been done before. We’re rerecording his entire performance because the suit’s creaky and makes all kinds of noise, you can’t really use any of it anyway. But I want his performance. So he’s being recorded in ADR using a standard Sennheiser microphone, but also with a bass mic to his right cheek and a bass drum mic to his left cheek. These two microphones have the ability to pull vocal range out of his voice that the human ear cannot hear. And I can take that vocal range that I’ve now recorded, and I can pull it and use it to augment his voice — and that with a little digital magic can create a voice that’s both completely governed by his performance but is not natural.”


In regards to the color of Apocalypse, fans were annoyed with the pinkish-purple color that was in the Entertainment Weekly photos, fans were incensed.  Singer goes to respond saying that for those images the effect hadn’t been put in, and as a result, Apocalypse looks a lot more purple/pink than he should have.  Singer went on to say that the entire image had a color problem.

“There was an image released on Entertainment Weekly, where the effect hadn’t been put in yet, so everyone was — the effect has a pink light on it, and everyone got lit up pink, so people thought Apocalypse was going to be pink. I was like, ‘No, no, they’re all pink. Take a look. Everyone in the picture is pink. It’s a pink picture.’ They maybe just should have taken the pink out of the picture — I should have taken the pink out of the picture. I’m going to take some blame for that. My fault, not Entertainment Weekly’s. That’s the picture I gave them.”

Since then Apocalypse has had his traditional blue color.

Lastly, a big complaint was that Apocalypse was too “scrawny.” In the comics, he was always a giant, and that was even before he enlarged himself. This is a decision that Singer defends.

You know, every time. I could have made him a giant through the whole movie, or some muscle-bound guy who can’t act — I could always do that. But the reality is, among his many powers — and you will see him change size — but among his many powers is his power of persuasion, and it was very important that he’d be able to connect with his horsemen, at their level, and that he’d be played by a guy who can actually act like Oscar, who’s a fantastic actor.”

X-Men: Apocalypse releases Nationwide May 27th.

Source: IGN

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