Maisie Williams, darling of the Internet, may have stuck her foot in her mouth in a recent interview with BBC Radio 1‘s Nick Grimshaw where she let the cat out of the bag about a Game of Thrones character, that hasn’t been seen since season three, returning to the series in the season six finale. The Game of Thrones’ spoiler snipers must have been napping or taking a smoke break because Maisie is just fine, although she is expecting a talking to by someone on the show or HBO.

Spoilers ahead, click-through at your own risk!

Here’s the slip as reported by Mashable:

During a BBC Radio 1 interview with Nick Grimshaw on Thursday morning, Maisie Williams revealed some good news — Rickon is set to make a comeback in season six. “Ye-es,” she replied tentatively when a caller asked whether or not we’ll be hearing from Rickon this season. “Yes. Maybe.” Shortly after, Williams gave a more definitive response: “Yes, we will indeed… Oh no, I’m literally going to get off the air and someone’s going to email me!”

The last time we saw Rickon Stark, Bran was sending him off with Osha, who took him to the Last Hearth, the home of House Umber, the loyal bannermen of House Stark. He must have gotten there, and this is what he looked like at the time.

rickon and osha game of thrones

Here’s what Rickon looks like now.


Bran told Rickon:

You and Osha and Shaggydog head for the Last Hearth. The Umbers are our bannermen. They’ll protect you.


Rickon is important because, with Bran stuck at the Weirwood tree , learning how to greensight dream from the Three Eyed Raven, and everyone older than Rickon dead, he’s the true Lord of Winterfell. That is going to be a problem for Ramsay Bolton, who married Stansa Stark, killed his father, step mother and step brother to become Lord Bolton, Lord of Winterfell, and Warden of the North.

Likely Rickon will be at the center of the battle between Ramsay and the remaining Starks for the future of Winterfell and the North.

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