Alice Through the Looking Glass opens later this month, so it would make sense that if you were to find yourself wandering around Disneyland in Anaheim, CA, you might see some promotion for the film. You know, like a poster display. Now imagine if the poster started looking back. And talking to you. That’s what some lucky people encountered in their recent visit to Disneyland, as what looked like a poster of Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter turned out to actually be Johnny Depp dressed in full Mad Hatter garb, ready and willing to interact with fans to their mutual delight. And yes, the whole thing was captured on video.

Thanks to the social media magic of the Walt Disney Corporation, here’s a day in the life of Johnny Depp promoting Alice Through the Looking Glass.

Depp gets a lot of flack for going too far with these wacko characters, but you’ve got to give him credit for committing. And that couldn’t have been easy, sitting their all day, literally with his game face on, interacting with hundreds of people, if not thousands. (Of course, you could note that the guy in the Goofy costume does the same thing, but he doesn’t get paid what Depp gets paid.) It reminds of last September at the Toronto International Film Festival when Depp was late for the Black Mass press conference because he was interacting with some young Jack Sparrow fans. No matter what you think of Depp’s work, at least he seems like he genuinely wants to work hard for the fans

Alice Through the Looking Glass will be in theaters everywhere on May 27.

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