After weeks of speculation, it has been made official. Supergirl will not only be coming back for a second season, but it will also be making the move from CBS to The CW. With all three DC superhero shows on one network, here’s hoping that the next move will be to feature all three in one massive crossover. So cross your fingers, say your prayers, make a wish when you blow out your candles, some really big things may happen next season.

Back in March, CEO Les Moonves made the unofficial announcement that the freshman shows on CBS would be coming back. However, that changed several weeks ago when reports began to fly around that Supergirl wouldn’t be coming back due to budget issues. That’s when rumors and hopes that The CW would swoop in and save the day. It makes sense considering that one of the show’s creators, Greg Berlanti, has real estate on the network in the form on Arrow and The Flash.

While it’s great news that the show will be coming back for a second season, reports floated around speculating that if the show were to come back, it would be with a smaller budget. There’s no word on the budget on shows like Arrow or The Flash, but if they can make it on The CW then Supergirl may be just fine.

Earlier this season, The Flash breached universes and networks when the star, Grant Gustin, made a guest appearance on the then CBS show. It was the highest rated episode of the season to no one’s surprise. Now that Supergirl will be on the same network as it’s other counterparts, it’s expected that the show’s ratings and popularity will see some kind of rise.

Source: TVLine

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