Well, it turns I was  not the only one who felt that the crazy overly realistic “Office/30Rock” rip-off that was the Muppets really wasn’t a good cup of tea. ABC has decided to cancel The Muppets. From the beginning, this rocky season struggled to get viewers and Muppets fans to connect with the characters.   While the premise of a Muppets workplace comedy was intriguing, it just never successfully merged that idea with the overall Muppets energy and sensibility that we’ve come to know and love.

The Muppets just never found its feet. It had a few wonderfully unique and  funny moments, along with character development that layered some of the lesser known cast, but it wasn’t enough to draw in viewers. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show ran to the finish line with a 1.9 rating among adults 18-49 and 5.3 million total viewers.

Honestly, I’m not sad about this at all. After trying to trudge through reviews, I had throw my hands in the air. The plotline was too flimsy, there was no repercussions to any of their actions that followed through for continuity of character growth.  Fans, overall, expressed disdain to the  Kermit and Miss Piggy break up, and many thought the tone was cynical without purpose for the Muppets; who Jim Henson imbued with the ability to tackle musical and hard to speak about topics in a way that left us moved. But despite these things, I do hope this is not the final time we see Kermit and the gang onscreen, so don’t lose heart. It would not surprise me if they retool this idea and bring it to us in a new way. You know you can’t live without Jim Henson’s creations for too long. Until then, watch the original “The Muppets Show” and think of times before Denise, bitter Kermit, and horny Miss Piggy…yeah you hear me. Ugh!

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