David Ayer‘s Suicide Squad hasn’t even hit the big screen yet and Warner Bros. is doubling down on Margot Robbie‘s Harley Quinn being popular enough to spin-off into another DC superhero movie. Word is that it won’t be the old school solo superhero movie, but more the latest trend, a collection of heroes and villains like Captain America: Civil War. Not only will Robbie star, but she’s will also produce.483111d6bed0c877ab29bff77024d00a

Who might join Harley Quinn on the big screen? Hopefully, Batgirl, Poison Ivy, Cat Woman, and some of the other Birds of Prey heroes like Black Canary. Harley is the crazy anti-hero of DC that has caught on fire since her first appearance. The character is as popular as Marvel‘s Deadpool, and fits into that mold that makes both characters so popular.

THR is reporting all this, but doesn’t have specifics on which characters might join the cast besides Margot Robbie, perhaps a couple of the Suicide Squad characters might make the move, heck, even the script writer’s name is being withheld at the moment, the only clue THR had, was that the person writing the script was female. Could it be longtime Birds of Prey and Suicide Squad writer Gail Simone?

Simone would be perfect to work out the plot, and dialogue for a Harley-centric movie. Bring animator Bruce Tim on board to help polish and Warner Bros. might have a hit on their hands. His animated Harley and Batgirl are fantastic.

What would you like to see?

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