Another fan favorite has tossed his hat into the Deadpool 2 Cable Ring, or rather Ron Perlman has tossed his hair into the ring. The Deadpool team has done quite well in casting and marketing Deadpool and fans are expecting no let up from the sequel expected sometime in 2017. The casting of Cable, who was announced as a character for the sequel in the post credits scene in Deadpool is a hot topic across the Internet with fans and actors alike throwing out names to play the man from the future. Click through to see Ron Perlman’s pitch to don the cybernetic arm.

Perlman posted this to Facebook earlier today:

And followed it up with this:

Perlman isn’t the first actor to throw his name out there for Cable, Dolph Lundgren made his pitch while marketing his latest movie Kindergarten Cop II. What do you think of Perlman taking on the Cable role? He certainly has the acting chops and grizzled look to pull it off, but does he have the muscle bulk?

Who would you cast in the role?

CiltHO8UkAAldeF.jpg large

*Yes, yes, Stephen Lang, we know, we know… but Lang has not expressed an interest besides retweeting all those fan tweets that say he would be perfect for the role. Which is in a way telling folks he would be interested if offered.

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