Back in 2012, Netflix and Disney were deep into talks for a deal that would allow Netflix to exclusively stream all Disney films, Marvel, Pixar, Lucasfilm, you name it, if it’s a Disney owned film, Netflix would have it exclusively. The deal went through and will take effect this September. Now Netflix will still have to wait until after the Blu-Ray/DVD release dates for new movies, but Netflix won’t have to wait until after the premium channels (HBO, Starz, ETC…) air the movies, nope, Netflix will start streaming those Disney movies at the same time. Throw in Netflix’s original programing and the networks and cable television should be a little worried.


Word is that Netflix is paying in the hundreds of millions of dollars range each year for this exclusive deal, which blocks other subscription services from buying future Disney movie streaming rights during that all important first run Pay TV window.

Now let’s start speculating what this deal means. Many think it means that Disney may buy Netflix at some point in the future, perhaps after seeing how this deal develops and the financial returns for Netflix. Could Disney and Netflix come to some arrangement on Disney’s huge film catalogue of family favorites?

Via: The Verge

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