By the time the credits rolled on Blade: Trinity, a lot of people thought of further Daywalker adventures by paraphrasing the immortal words of the farmer in Babe, “That will do, Blade. That will do.” Given Patton Oswalt’s now infamous oral history of the behind the scenes rancour of the film, the fact that Trinity was in anyway comprehensible is a tribute to David S. Goyer and his editor. It does make you wonder though: why would Wesley Snipes want to come back? Is he looking to make amends for past cinema sins, or given the present superhero movie hysteria does he know a good deal when he sees it?

Whatever the reason, he was at it again yesterday with the following tweet:

Sounds more like he’s quoting Mr. Spock than the Daywalker, but we like the optimism. It’s an optimism that has yet to recede in the last three years, ever since Marvel Studios got the rights back to Blade along with Ghost Rider and the Punisher. Punisher, obviously, got his comeback vehicle in season two of Daredevil and his upcoming solo Netflix series, and Ghost Rider, well, he had his chance (two chances to be precise). Blade, however, is a known and successful quantity, and more than a little the root cause for all fervour over comic book movies. Given Marvel’s success with the dark side of its universe on Netflix, perhaps it would not be so out of line to suggest a Blade comeback.

But what about a Snipes comeback? He’s been doing okay lately with roles in The Expendibles 3, and Spike Lee’s Chi-raq, though his NBC series The Player was a dud. The man certainly has his fans, but past experience has kind of painted him as a, ahem, maverick on set, and Marvel is all about team players. It seems fairly unlikely that Marvel would reach out to Snipes to play Blade again, especially since they’re now just starting to explore the mystical side of the MCU in earnest with Doctor Strange at the movies, and Iron Fist on TV.

Unless they were going to bring Snipes back in “one last hurrah” scenario, perhaps following through on the “Omega Man” concept of Blade being the last one fighting for humanity in a world overrun by vampires, like Blade: Trinity was supposed to be, it’s somewhat doubtful that Snipes will need to #SharpenHisTeeth again. Unless, that’s a look he’s going for. Although the Hollywood Reporter said in 2013 that there’s a script for a new Blade movie, there’s been no official announcement from Marvel, and it’s not presently a part of the Phase Three film schedule.

What do you Bastards think? Yay or nay for more Snipes as Blade. Feel free to sound off below.

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