A few months ago, we here at NerdBastards let you know about the train-wreck that was Allegiant. This film was plagued by an awful script, pointless CG effects, and an overall dull experience. This came as no surprise to many of you, as most YA movies are notorious for being bland and unappealing outside their pre-teen audience. In addition, Lionsgate, the studio that behind the Divergent films, hasn’t exactly had a good year. From the notoriously awful animated film Norm of the North to the bloated mess that was Gods of Egypt, all of their 2016 wide releases so far have received scathing reviews from critics and audiences. One could easily blame Lionsgate’s CEO for letting these movies happen in the first place, but apparently, he feels the same way we do. 

The Wrap recently reported that in a conference call with investors, Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer said the following of Allegiant:

“Maybe we rushed the third movie a bit instead of taking our time with it. We wanted to hit a date.”

It’s no surprise that Feltheimer is throwing the third film in the Divergent franchise under the bus. Allegiant underwhelmed at the box office so severely, that Lionsgate reportedly cut the budget for its sequel, Ascendant.


More likely than not, this was Feltheimer’s attempt to soften the blow of a truly embarrassing year for Lionsgate. With the Hunger Games series ending last year, Lionsgate is pretty desperate for some big, well-received blockbusters. Just look at the movies they released this year:

  1. Norm of the North: The worst animated film since The Nut Job.
  2. Dirty Grandpa:  A comedy where the only joke is Robert DeNiro cursing and masturbating.
  3. The Choice: A Nicholas Sparks movie…’nuff said
  4. Gods of Egypt: Whitewashing, lazy writing and bad CGI all rolled into one.
  5. The Perfect Match: That romantic comedy film you already forgot about.

After a cataclysmic first half of the year, Lionsgate is still hoping to catch some box office heat with films like Now You See Me 2 and Deepwater Horizon later this year. They also have that controversial Power Rangers movie hitting theaters next year and a whole Lionsgate section hitting Dubai’s Motiongate theme park in the near future. It’s clear that in the face of humiliation, Lionsgate is still aiming high and does not plan on slowing down any time soon.

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