All eyes are on the summer release of Batman: The Killing Joke, not only is it an adaptation of one of the most seminal stories in the history of the Dark Knight, but it’s the first DC Comics Animated Universe movie to be R-rated. Given the material, that shouldn’t be very surprising, but might the work on this project be inspiring the filmmakers behind these films to explore further more dark materials? Good question, and one that looks to be answered on the upcoming Blu-ray release of The Killing Joke, which includes a hint as to the identity of the next DCAU film, Justice League Dark.

This does not come from an official source, it comes from the British Board of Film Classification website, which lists “A Sneak Peak at Justice League Dark” as part of the supplementary material for The Killing Joke DVD and Blu-ray release. It’s par for the course that when Warner Bros. releases a DCAU movie, a sneak preview for the next DCAU film is included in the release. So official or not, it looks like JL Dark is going to make their film debut, in animated form, sometime later this year, or early in 2017.

If you don’t know, Justice League Dark is the team-up of several of DC Comics’ magical and supernatural characters to battle threats to the Earth that are a little outside the capabilities of the DCU’s regular super-teams; members have included John Constantine, Zatanna, Deadman, Enchantress, and Swamp Thing. A potential live-action version of the team has been in production for some time, mostly under the supervision of filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. The latest news a few months ago said that it was still under development at New Line Cinema, but del Toro was no longer involved. Presumably, the animated film will have no impact on live-action plans.

Batman: The Killing Joke will be available in HD digital on July 26, and available on physical disc on August 2. The film will premiere next month as San Diego Comic Con.

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