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It seems that nearly every week or so we get updates regarding the upcoming ‘Suicide Squad‘ movie from Warner Bros./DC Films. Promotional material spotlighting the film are making the rounds. Talks have been circulating on some of the individual characters getting their own spin-off films. They’ve even shared with fans the lengths Jared Leto has gone to in becoming the Joker. The latest is in regards to the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) announcing that the David Ayer-directed film will be given the rating of PG-13. But from the sounds of it, they narrowly avoided an R rating.

Last year, producer Charles Roven commented on the studio’s goal of getting that PG-13 rating when he said, “Our plan right now is to make all these films PG-13. In some cases, you know, right there on the edge of PG-13, but still PG-13.” It hardly seems possible for Suicide Squad not to be edgy. These are bad people. Very bad people. Ruthless criminals that needed to be locked away in a special facility due to their threat. Some of the members are unstable. Some are relentless and violent. Some are psychotic. That doesn’t sound like a group of villains who would try to resolve things peacefully and be careful with their language.

Some tweets were posted to Twitter regarding the announcement and the reason for its rating.


“Disturbing behavior?” That could encompass a great many things. If anything, it gives the film appeal. When the film becomes available on Blu-Ray/DVD it wouldn’t be surprising to see an R-rated “Uncut Edition” released. At least some Not Rated footage in the Extras. Warner Bros., more than likely, had to cut some footage in order to gain that lucrative PG-13 rating that studios love, demographically speaking. Will it be a family-friendly film? Probably not. But as we saw with Deadpool, you can have an adult-themed (or targeted) movie, have it still be successful and not scar children emotionally. Here’s to Suicide Squad following that trend.

Suicide Squad arrives in theaters on August 5th. Expect the Halloween costumes of the Squad to make their debut shortly thereafter (a Deadshot one would be dope!).

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