When Jurassic World was released last year, there was a mixture of anticipation along with trepidation, would the movie live up to the original Jurassic Park or be more like Jurassic Park III? This was a franchise that reached legendary status almost instantly after the first film. The original film’s visual effects still stand the test of time, twenty-three years after its original release. By all measures Jurassic Park was a perfect movie, loved by a very wide demographic of people. So there was a lot of pressure on any follow-up to the exceptional standard. Fortunately, Jurassic World was everything fans had hoped for from a sequel/reboot of the franchise. The movie was filled with nostalgia, comedy, action and more deadly dinosaurs than you could shake a stick at.

Why did it take so long to get another film in the Jurassic Park franchise? Thirteen years before Jurassic World, the franchise hit a wall when fans and critics alike panned Jurassic Park III. The movie wasn’t terrible but it seemed at the time that the poor reception halted the production of Jurassic Park IV. Now some new information has come to light that might change many opinions on the real reason Jurassic Park IV never got off the ground. A recent Instagram post from professional creature designer  Carlos Huante would suggest there were other forces at play that halted the development of the fourth movie in the series.

These are never before seen pieces of concept art by Huante, who has created entirely new beings for movies including Men In Black and The Mummy. The images show the direction that the Jurassic Park movies could have gone in, and it is a very different direction than what audiences would have expected!

Here’s an image from an approximately 14 year old, failed version of Jp4….

A photo posted by Carlos Huante (@galleryanatom) on

Here’s one more raptorman

A photo posted by Carlos Huante (@galleryanatom) on

This is what Carlos Huante named Raptorman, a human-velociraptor hybrid. The images suggest that Jurassic Park IV (if it ever got past the development stage) could have looked more into experimentation with human DNA as well as fossilized dinosaur DNA. Whatever this was, thankfully, Steven Spielberg immediately pushed the franchise back into development where it would stay until 2015’s Jurassic World saw the light of day.

There is no doubt that the concept art is outstanding and perhaps in another movie, a “raptorman” with cybernetic limbs could go down very well audiences, but not with Jurassic Park fans. The question we’d like to ask you is:

Does something like this belong in the Jurassic Park franchise or was Spielberg right to knock it back when he did?

A sequel to Jurassic World is slated for release on June 22nd 2018.

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