Talking about Micheal Bay’s Transformers films is always prefaced with a colloquial acknowledgment about how bad these films are, that they are superficial spectacles void of any substance and how they flounder on basic storytelling; and how despite all that, audiences still manage to go see these films in droves. So why say it again.. or did we just do that? Eh, whatever. Since world wide audiences are gluttons for punishment, and or keep holding out (like in a abusive relationship) on the hope that things will get better,  Micheal Bay is at it again with the explosions, robots, and Mark Walhberg with Transformers: The Last Knight, the 5th film in the series.

Not much has been known about this film other than there’s a promotional poster featuring Optimus Prime with purple eyes (above), along with the “Last Knight” moniker, and that prior stars Mark Walhberg and Josh Duhamel will return, along with Anthony Hopkins in a new unlisted role. Who/What is this Last Knight. Is it Optimus? Is it a NEW Transformer? Well, the answer may surprise you.

New details about ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ may have already leaked online revealing a rather bizarre basis for the film.

The possible  storyline details come from

  • Optimus Prime returns to Cybertron to find the planet dead, and learns he’s the one to blame for it. To bring it back to life he’ll need a mysterious artifact that is on Earth.
  • The artifact is connected to Merlin, the sorcerer mentor to King Arthur in the legendary story. Merlin gained his magic through a visiting Transformer, not the first time the race has dabbled in altering human history. The mystical artifact could be…HIS SWORD EXCALIBUR
  • The film picks up where the previous movie left off, with Optimus Prime in space; Optimus is the main Transformers character, however Bumblebee will take a bigger role while Optimus seeks out Cybertron, along with Hound, Crosshairs, Drift, the Dinobots and “mini-dinobots” operating out of the South Dakota badlands.
  • Megatron returns (again) as the villain.
  • New Transformers of English origin will be included, including an Aston Martin named “Cogman,” and a Vespa named “Squeaks.”
  • A character known as “The Creator” will be introduced who may have a direct connection to the Transformers’ origins – and given the name this part will be played by Anthony Hopkins.

If anyone has ever had a standing speculation that all the story details from the prior Transformer films were pooled together from the minds of kindergarteners scribbled out with crayon multi colored paper, this might confirm it. Every Transformers fan wants a live-action re-telling of the 1986’s Transformers The Movie with Hot Rod, Galvatron, and Unicron. Apparently Robots saving themselves from a planet eating mega Transformer is just too silly. Merlin and magic, that’s the story people really wanna see.

Transformers: The Last Knight will be in theaters on June 23, 2017

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