In all the discussion about Alien: Covenant, even when it was known as Prometheus 2 way back when, there has been one constant: Michael Fassbender. The actor played David, an android, in the original 2012 film, and like most synthetics in the Alien universe, there was something not quite right with him. As a result of his activities in the film, David was left only with his head in the end as he, and Shaw played by Noomi Rapace, blasted off to find the aliens responsible for the creation of life on Earth, and now have the desire to destroy it. But has David gotten an upgrade between then and now?

In a new behind the scenes photo, we see Ridley Scott directing things on the set of Alien: Covenant, and behind him we see Fassbender carefully following along. It does look like he’s in costume, which would suggest that David’s got a brand new body, but maybe that’s just Fassbender’s work clothes, and seconds later her was stuffing himself back under a table to play the disembodied head of David. Who can say? Still, it would be not unreasonable to bet that David gets a new body in the decade between Prometheus and Covenant.

This is one of a number of dribs and drabs of clues to be released on social media about Alien: Covenant so far. This follows a picture of Katherine Waterston looking very Ripley-like on set, and following a rumor last week that said that Waterston’s character in the film is actually Ripley’s mom. Not much has been confirmed about the film so far other than it takes place a decade after Prometheus, and that it will feature the full-on return of the xenomorphs in all their acid-blooded glory. Everything else is idle speculation right now.

Alien: Covenant will be in theaters everywhere on August 4, 2017.

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