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Neil Gaiman‘s now legendary novel American Gods was first released in 2001. Coming from such a flexible and dedicated writer – whose work ranges from Sandman to Coraline, Wayward Manor to Doctor Who – its solid cult status is hardly surprising. The book explores belief in all its forms, showing modern incarnation of gods through characters like Media and The Intangibles (spirits of the stock market), as contemporary faith shifts away from established religion.

The story follows a man called Shadow Moon. Devoid of purpose following the death of his wife, he is plunged into the affairs of the supernatural world. He is dragged into the middle of a raging conflict, as the New gods insist there is no room left for the Old gods, whose lifeline is dwindling as fewer and fewer people believe in them.

In 2011, its lengthy 10-year anniversary tour completely sold out. It has won both Hugo and Nebula Awards. Now, fifteen years after the book’s release, it is getting a TV adaption.

Created for Starz by Bryan Fuller, of Dead Like Me and Hannibal, and Michael Green, of Heroes and Blade Runner, it has a stellar cast lined up. Gaiman himself will be on the team as an executive producer, alongside Craig Cegielski, Stefanie Berk and Thom Beers.

The main character Shadow will be portrayed by Ricky Whittle (pictured), best known for his work on British soap opera Hollyoaks.

Ricky Whittle Shadow

His unusual mentor and guide through the realm of the gods, Mr Nancy, will be played by Orlando Jones. Crispin Glover is due to make an appearance as Mr World, as well as Gillian Anderson appearing as Media and Emily Browning as the late Laura Moon.

The series won’t premiere until 2017, but Entertainment Weekly has managed to get hold of some images from the set, and it is already looking as fantastical and exciting as fans have always imagined.

American Gods 2

American Gods 1

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