Coming off of season four, with all its magic and mysticism, the producers of the CW‘s initial superhero series, Arrowhave promised a return to form in the new season; that is to say a return to the gritty realism of the first season. So as the show gets ready for its season five return, it seems as if their stacking the roster with new characters decidedly not of the supernatural or super-powered vain, but are more like the hard-boiled characters befitting of a crime drama. In other words, they’re vigilantes with something to prove, and in Star City, there’s always more than enough trouble for one man with a bow and arrow to deal with. So who are these new masked avengers? 

First up, Entertainment Weekly (via Coming Soon), is reporting that Rick Gonzalez of Rush and Mr. Robot fame will be coming onboard Arrow as Wild Dog, a character introduced in his own self-titled miniseries in 1987 by Max Allan Collins and Terry Beatty. Wild Dog doesn’t have super-powers, but he does have a submachine gun and a pair of electric gloves to shock his enemies. Wild Dog will come under the wing of Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) as his latest vigilante protege.

In other news, Josh Segarra, lately of Chicago PD and Sirens, has also joined the season five cast of Arrow as Vigilante, according to Deadline (via Coming Soon). The character was first created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez for New Teen Titans in 1983, he was a New York City district attorney who lost his family in a way not dissimilar to The Punisher, and like the Punisher, he decided to get payback in the most extreme way possible, and even though he started out non-homicidal, he didn’t keep to that philosophy for long. Considering the life expectancy of D.A.s in Star City, it’s questionable how long Vigilante will be around for.

Arrow returns this October on the CW.

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