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Even though the upcoming DC Cinematic Universe film Justice League is more than a year away, the buzz for the film is continuing to grow. We already know that the team will be uniting in the wake of Superman’s death in Batman V Superman to take on a new threat. We already know that we will have a “jacked up” Commissioner Gordon, but thanks to the Justice League set visits this past week for press, all sorts of juicy details are emerging for the upcoming film. In addition to seeing new logos, we now have new casting details and a few plot details.

The film will give us the history of the Amazonians, the Atlanteans, and even throw in a Mother Box or three as well. The film will also look at the history of these two groups of people as well. Actor Willem Dafoe has been announced to be cast in the film as Aquaman’s (Jason Momoa) mentor Nuidis Vulko. Vulko is a royal advisor to Aquaman and a member of the Atlantean scientific community. He is described as older than Aquaman and operates as a mentor/advisor to him. Vulko also has ruled Atlantis when Aquaman left to go to the surface.

Because the film will take some time to explain Mother Boxes to the layman, actor Kristofer Hivju of Game of Thrones fame (How awesome was this week’s episode?!?) has also been cast to play an ancient Atlantean king. It looks like to provide some insight into the Mother Boxes and how they came to Earth, we will take a trip into the past sometime during the film, so expect to hear more casting for members of Atlantis. The Atlanteans will have one Mother Box and the Amazonians will have another. The third Mother Box is assumed to be the one that eventually powers Cyborg.

Justice League is set for release on November 17th, 2017

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