If you’ve been following the DC movie verse, you’ll know there are is new arc of films that have been announced, with some in the of thick production already. Wonder Woman is expected to hit theaters next summer and Justice League will follow after in November. In 2018, we will begin to see more stand-alone DC hero movies including The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg and even the Green Lantern Corps.

Today, we have gotten a close first look at some of the new promotional logos for such films.

They appear to be very clean, and yet almost very industrial and robotic. The logos don’t have the somewhat old school, campy look to them anymore. It looks as though the DC movie verse is staying with their ever present “serious” vibe. For instance, the Flash logo is very simplified with the Flash’s normal logo hollowed out and the wording in the middle. This definitely brings a much cleaner, but also obvious look. On the other hand, the Aquaman logo seems a little too simplified. The colors seem to blend together and it doesn’t really pop quite as much.

dc-films-movies-logo-600x450 wonder-woman-movie-promo-poster-600x450 batman-movie-logo-600x450 cyborg-movie-logo-600x450 aquaman-movie-logo-600x450 the-flash-movie-logo-600x450

There’s a chance these logos may change over time and we may even get more than one promotional poster in the future. Warner Bros. is expected to really bring all these films together in order to make a connected, extended universe. The time frame is expected to span up until at least 2020! The logos were shown today at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas.

What do you think of the new logos? Are they living up to standards or could they be worked a little more before we get the actual film releases?

Via: Collider

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