When Marvel Comics promised in issue #3 of Civil War II that “One of the biggest heroes in the Marvel Universe will fall!” they weren’t kidding. Literally or figuratively. The newest Civil War has been cutting a bloody swath through the comic book Marvel Universe since May, and has already claimed at least one marquee name, but in the latest issue of the event miniseries, which hits comic book store shelves today, a superhero that’s been at the forefront of the MCU for decades falls and – you guessed it! – nothing will ever be the same again. Spoilers follow, obviously.

If you’ve been following along with Civil War II then you know that War Machine has already been killed as the result of the emergence of the Inhuman Ulysses, who can accurately predict the future. At the end of issue #2, Ulysses had another prediction with shocking implications for the Marvel Universe…


So with that in the back of everyone’s head now, issue #3 will end with Bruce Banner being killed as a preemptive measure, and the person pulling the trigger is actually drawing back the string of his bow. That’s right, Clint Barton, AKA: Hawkeye, is the one that caps Banner in Civil War II #3.

What fallout there will be for Hawkeye is unknown, but the Hulk is far from done in the MCU of course. The so-called “Totally Awesome” Hulk, AKA: Amadeus Cho, is still alive and well and has been prominently featured in the promotion art for the “Divided We Stand” storyline that will follow Civil War. Also prominently featured was the other Hawkeye, Kate Bishop, which makes one wonder if Clint is going to be benched, or worse, after the events of Civil War II. I guess we’ll find out…

Civil War II #3 is now available at a comic book store near you.

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