Cavill Trolls

Sometimes the simplest disguises work the best; Henry Cavill has proven this before, and he’s gone and proven it again by taking to the floor at San Diego Comic-con, armed only with V for Vendetta-style Guy Fawkes’ mask (perhaps channeling his inner-anonymous). You think on of the major stars of Man of Steel, Batman v Superman and Justice League would at least turn a few heads—but nope, not for a moment. Not only did get Cavill get to spend time as a regular fan on the convention floor, he got to prank some of his DC Film Universe co-stars along the way—namely, those of the upcoming Suicide Squad.

In the video he posted to Instagram, the Superman star walks around several floor booths (while playing Kenny Loggins’ smash-hit Danger Zone, obviously). He checks out comics, takes some photos with other fans, taking time to snap a photo of himself in front of other booths—until he finally makes his way to the Suicide Squad signing, and gets a signature from Deadshot actor Will Smith. After the Suicide Squad lead treats him generously, as normal fan, Cavill leans in to take a photo with Smith, removing his mask. When Smith turns back, both he and Viola Davis (who happened to be next to him in the signing line-up) are seen cracking up and chatting with Cavill for a moment. Cavill continues on to get his shirt signed from the rest of the cast (it’s worth noting, yes, he was wearing a Suicide Squad shirt.

Suicide Squad seems to be gaining quite the hype and fanbase, even among other DC stars; with the kind of trailer that dropped yesterday during the DC panel, how could they not be? Suicide Squad will be released very, very soon, setting to premiere August 1st at the Beacon Theatre in New York; it will release country-wide August 5th.

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