Kevin Smith is a nerd’s nerd. That’s been fairly well established after years of Star Wars and comic book references being smothered all over his movies. Still, as Smith launches his latest nerd-friendly TV endeavour, the talk show Geeking Out, he, like any other nerd, has dreams that are out of reach, even for someone with his reach and influence. So while Geeking Out seeks to bring nerd figureheads and luminaries to your home TV in a personable and honorific setting, Smith knows there are a few untouchable figures that we’d love to see, and that he would love to get. 

The first one seems a little obvious. “I know this is going to sound embarrassing, but Ben Affleck, at this point,” Smith said with a laugh this past weekend at San Diego Comic Con. “We could have put that together really easily a couple of years ago. Not so much now.”

Presumably that’s because of Affleck’s busy schedule with projects like Justice League and directorial efforts like the upcoming Live By Night keep him very busy. Other than that Affleck would probably happily work with old friend Smith considering he appeared in six of Smith’s films. The other name Smith has in mind though is one that he has no close, personal relationship with.

“I think I’m ready to talk to Steven Spielberg,” he added. “I’ve been in this business for 22 years. I’ve always been like… the man’s a genius. He reinvented cinema for those of us who are a certain age. And I’m watching someone who is [Geeking Out co-host Greg Grunberg‘s] childhood friend [in J.J. Abrams] take over the mantle for Steven Spielberg. He’s always been an amazing storyteller. … I just love storytelling, in general, and he’s a true master.”

Maybe Smith will get his chance. In his next project, Ready Player One, one could argue that Spielberg is “geeking out” over his own career and influence. Perhaps Spielberg might be willing to join Smith for a little one-on-one geek out when it comes time for promo…. I guess we’ll see.

Geeking Out launches on AMC on Sunday August 14.

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