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You may recall that an animated Justice League Dark movie is coming out soon, which will star Matt Ryan as John Constantine; quite a bit of buzz about it was stirred after the sneak peak was revealed alongside The Killing Joke. You may also recall that there is rumored to be a live-action affair, with Guillermo Del Toro attached at one point. Now, we get a little taste of ‘what could have been’ in the form of an animation test for the character Swamp Thing, a critical member of the team and to the story. 

The animation test, uploaded by Joseph Kahn and created by Justin Goby Fields of Ironclad Studios, is a simple 8-second clip of the aforementioned Swamp Thing walking. As mentioned, Joseph seems to confirm that the rumored live action film is dead with his description of the video:

“I pitched on Dark Universe before it became an animated movie. Here’s an 8 second test of Swamp Thing I designed.”

It’s interesting to note the live-action film was considered, probably due to its’ push by Guillermo (however briefly); it seems that Warner Bros. think the team should stay within the realms of animation, where they are more willing to take risks with less ‘audience friendly’ comic book concepts, like Batman and Robin duking it out on screen as the crux plot.

Another controversial story-line that received an animated adaptation was the previously mentioned Killing Joke, where the Joker kidnaps Commissioner Gordon and attempts to make him go insane after doing horrible things to his daughter (Barbra Gordon aka Batgirl). The story was a critically acclaimed piece by famous (and somewhat infamous) comic writer Alan Moore. Perhaps the willingness to go darker and deeper into the myth and psyche of longstanding comics proves that the animated world is a better place for Justice League Dark after all.

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