When it comes to comic book movie misfires, they don’t come much bigger than 2011’s Green Lantern. Sure, Batman V. Superman was considered a disappointment, but it did make nearly $900 million worldwide, and that ain’t small potatoes; Green Lantern, by comparison, tapped out before reaching $220 million. So perhaps its best to avoid comparisons to that particular Ryan Reynolds superhero movie right? That’s the thinking of Captain Marvel screenwriter Nicole Perlman who, in a recent interview, said that in adapting the Captain for the big screen she’s looking to avoid the roughly analogous origins between the characters.

For those that may not know, Captain Marvel Carol Danvers got her powers from the radiation of a machine created by the alien Kree. When the machine exploded, the Kree-born superhero Mar-Vell saved Danvers, but the radiation passed through Mar-Vell and affected Danvers, changing her physiology to allow her many of the same superhuman abilities as Mar-Vell. Considering that Danvers is also an Air Force officer, there are some potentially uncomfortable comparisons to another comic book character in the Air Force who’s given superpowers by an alien.

Perlman discussed those comparisons on the Any Time With Vin Forte Podcast:

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a project where I’ve been more mindful about the impact that it could have and the importance of it. She’s such an incredibly kick-ass character and Kelly Sue DeConnick did a great run with her story arc recently. But here’s the thing, if you were just going to do a straight adaptation of the comics, her origin story is very similar to Green Lantern. And obviously, that’s not what we want to do. There’s a lot of reinvention that needs to happen. And also, she’s her own person and she’s a great character. We have to be aware of what’s happened in other Marvel films and makes sure that her particular storyline is unique and fun and also fits in within this world that’s going on at the same time. It’s a little bit of an interesting story gauntlet. It’s been good to have a partner. It’s been an incredible experience. If we can pull it off it could be an incredibly important but also really fun and kick-ass superhero film.”

It should be fairly expected that Captain Marvel’s origin was going to change; Mar-Vell was already established in the comics as Captain Marvel when he saved Carol Danvers, and having her be a damsel in distress saved by a guy with the name she’s going to have might undermine the statement Marvel Studios might like to make with this, their first solo female superhero movie. It should also be interesting to see how the movie will handle the Kree since the only humans to have contact with the Kree so far in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. All will be revealed, we’re sure.

Captain Marvel, starring Brie Larson, will be in theaters everywhere in 2016.

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