Gotham will premiere next month to introduce the last few major villains that it has yet to roll out in the long years (decades?) prior to the Batman’s emergence in Gotham City. The Court of Owls will be a big part of season three, some form of Tweedledee and Tweedledum and Solomon Grundy will also appear, but as we wait for the two-parter featuring Mothman and KGBeast, we will have to make due with the next major reveal: the Mad Hatter. Fans have been teased at this characters arrival all summer, and now Fox is offering a first look at the character above. Whether or not this can double as a promo photo for Doctor Who is a question you’ll have to answer for yourself.

Jervis Tetch, AKA: The Mad Hatter, will be played by Benedict Samuel, who’s perhaps best known for being the captured Wolf last season on The Walking Dead. Fox describes his Hatter thusly:

“Jervis Tetch is a talented hypnotist teetering on the edge of madness. He arrives in Gotham with an unwavering desire to find his sister, Alice, a young woman who went missing in the city years ago. It is anyone’s guess just how far down the rabbit hole he’s willing to go in order to find her.”

That’s pretty close to the canon origin of Mad Hatter, except he’s usually the one kidnapping some random girl named Alice. I guess making Alice the Hatter’s sister is supposed to illicit sympathy. Will it work? We’ll find out when Gotham season three premieres Monday September 19 on Fox.


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