That is Jason Momoa above in a photo-shopped picture from 2012 that was brought up when The Crow remake was being discussed four years ago. Now it seems that might actually be the case as word is making the Internet rounds that Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones, Aquaman) is in early talks to take on another iconic superhero in The Crow. There’s been so many (Misguided?) attempts to restart this franchise after the tragic accidental death of star Brandon Lee that there’s sure to be some fan backlash, that is the norm these days for anything getting rebooted. Director Corin Hardy (The Hallow) is going to give it a shot and it looks like he wants Momoa to take on the role of Eric Draven.crow33

Here’s an Instagram from Momoa that seems to all but have the deal done.

Now there might be some finer details to work out, and without an official announcement there’s no ink on paper to confirm the deal, but production sources over at Mashable are saying that they’ve worked out any scheduling conflicts with Momoa’s Aquaman and Justice League filming commitments.

Momoa isn’t the first actor linked to a reboot of The Crow, Luke Evans and Jack Huston have both been attached and later dropped out after the productions stalled. Now that things are rolling again, and that The Crow reboot would be in theaters before the July 27th 2018 premiere date of Aquaman, shooting must be much closer than previously thought.

Is Momoa right for the role? First impressions mainly from his Khal Drogo work on Game of Thrones made this writer wonder if his body build was too muscular when compared the leaner Brandon Lee. Watching this original trailer helped remove that worry though, Lee was pretty pumped up under all that black leather.

What do you think? Is Momoa the man for the job? Can anyone get past those old school fans that don’t want a reboot?

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